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May 28,2021| LED Knowledge

In today's society, the blessing of 5G, IoT, AI and other technologies is accelerating the speed of innovation in all walks of life. In the display field, flexibility, as an emerging display product, is gaining momentum...

Once the screen becomes soft, it can bring more room for innovation to more industries. Dahua is also constantly thinking about how to innovate applications and bring new value to all walks of life. Let us appreciate the following two flexibilities. Show case:

flexible led display screen

Digital exhibition hall of an academy of sciences

The Mobis ring flexible screen area is 17 square meters, using P2.5 LED flexible module, the thickness is only 8.6mm, with 160000dots/m² high pixel density, 700cd/m2 high brightness, ≥1920Hz high refresh rate and 160 degree wide viewing angle It has the characteristics of seamless, long life, low power consumption, picture uniformity, and good consistency. This time, Dahua uses flexible modules to create the Mobis ring display screen. With novel display concepts and super digital content creativity, the characteristics of the Academy of Sciences are vividly integrated into the digital content display.

Digital exhibition hall of a financial center

Using P1.8 flexible LED modules to form three curved screens of 9.7㎡, 14.7㎡, and 7.7㎡, with high pixel density of 284444dots/m², high brightness of 700cd/m2, high refresh rate ≥3840 and a width of 160 degrees Perspective. Dahua's LED flexible modules can be bent up to 145 degrees and can be installed in various arcs, and are suitable for various cylindrical screens, curved screens, spherical screens and other shapes.

 The seamless integration between the screen and the screen, the picture is clear, vivid and active, and the arc is matched with the display material, which gives people a sense of envelopment and presence visually, allowing visitors to enjoy the feast of stereoscopic vision brought by technology.

Due to its soft material, ultra-thin and light characteristics, flexible screens are extremely plastic, which not only presents more possibilities for different forms of space design, but can also display various effects through programming. Therefore, as the next-generation display technology , the applicable range of flexible screens can be described as very wide. In addition to the above-mentioned exhibition hall displays, flexible screens can also be applied to all scenarios such as brand advertising, public welfare pictures, shopping mall activities, and urban cultural promotion.

flexible led display moudle

Flexible display is the general trend of the commercial display industry, and there will be more application scenarios that we can't imagine in the future. Nowadays, multi-scenarios and pan-terminals have gradually penetrated into our lives, and new cross-border species that match innovative scenarios will become more and more abundant.

On the basis of vigorously developing traditional superior projects, Dahua will continue to carry out technological innovation and technology introduction, and expand the scope of services. Today, the competition in the LED industry is becoming increasingly fierce, and new products will be introduced to bring new value to all walks of life. To build high strength, high brand and high service!

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