How are LED displays classified?

May 10,2021| LED Knowledge

There are so many types of LED display screens. The common ones are small-pitch LED displays, indoor led displays, and outdoor led displays. How are they classified? Next let us understand.


LED display classification

(1) Classified by the display device

LED digital display: The display device is a 7-segment digital tube, which is suitable for making electronic display screens that display numbers such as clock screens and interest rate screens. LED dot matrix graphic display: The display device is a dot matrix display module composed of many evenly arranged light-emitting diodes, which are suitable for playing text and image information.

(2) According to the use environment

The indoor screen area is generally less than ten square meters, and the dot density is high. It is used in a non-direct sunlight or lighting environment, and the viewing distance is a few meters away. The screen cannot seal and waterproof. The diameter of the light-emitting point is small, generally 3-8mm in diameter. The outdoor screen area generally ranges from a few square meters to tens or even hundreds of square meters. The dot density is relatively sparse (mostly 1000-4000 dots/m2), and the luminous brightness is 3000-5000cd/m2 (different orientations and different brightness requirements). When used under direct sunlight, the viewing distance is tens of meters away, and the screen has good wind and rain resistance and lightning protection capabilities. The basic unit of outdoor screen light-emitting is pixels, and the center diameter of the light-emitting point of the pixel is relatively large, such as P10mm, P12mm, P16mm, P20mm, P24mm, P26mm, etc. The semi-outdoor screen is between the outdoor and the indoor. It has high luminous brightness and can be used outdoors in non-direct sunlight. The screen has a certain seal, usually under the eaves or in the shop window.

(3) According to control or use mode

The synchronization mode means that the working model of the LED display is the same as that of the computer monitor. It maps the image on the computer monitor in real-time with an update rate of at least 30 fields/s. It usually can display multi-gray colors. It can achieve the effect of multimedia advertising. Asynchronous (or communication) means that the LED screen can store and automatically play. The text and non-grayscale pictures edited on the PC are transferred to the LED screen through the serial port or other network interfaces, and then the LED screen is automatically played offline. Generally, there is no multi-grayscale display capability, and it is mainly used to display text information and can be connected to multiple screens.

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