How many types of LED displays are there?

May 17,2021| LED Knowledge

There are many types of full-color LED displays. According to different environments, it can be divided into indoor places and outdoor scenes. According to the definition, it can be divided into small pitch HD series and ordinary regular series. There are also many types of full-color LED displays. According to the shape, they are divided into spherical, arc, funnel, trumpet, etc., and can be divided into floor-to-ceiling screens, transparent screens, and ceiling screens according to their uses. Are there so many full-color LED displays that you can't imagine? The most important thing is where the user wants to install the full-color LED display and what effect it can play.

How many types of LED displays are there

How many types of LED displays are there?

For example, a hotel banquet hall needs to install a full-color indoor LED display, usually the area is not too small, then you can choose the indoor series P3 or P4 specifications, because the area is relatively large, and from a distance, the clarity is not a problem, LED The display is also affordable.

If a full-color LED display is installed on the outer wall of the shopping mall to display advertisements, outdoor products can be selected. The specific model depends on the height of the screen and the size of the advertising screen. If the area exceeds 80 square meters, you can choose P8 or P6 specifications. The advertising screen area is less than 30 square meters, and there is only one floor above the ground. It is recommended to use P5 or P4 specifications to ensure clarity.

If the company meeting room needs to install an LED display to display product information or play PPT or PDF files during the meeting, you can choose ordinary small-pitch or small-pitch LED displays, such as P1.56 or P2 series, and based on our experience , The conference room is equipped with a full-color LED display, the area is not very large, the height is generally within 2 meters, and the width is about 3.8 meters.

If the stage or tourist attraction is installed with an LED display, you must use a professional LED floor tile screen. The screen has strict requirements and can withstand greater pressure and vibration. Moisture resistance is also an important factor. The base of the screen is covered with an acrylic sheet. Later, the PCB circuit board was severely deformed and fractured, causing huge economic losses, so we must be careful.

There are many specific occasions that require different types of LED displays, such as the spherical LED display installed in the stadium, the transparent LED display on the glass of the jewelry store, the trumpet-shaped full-color LED display at the front desk of the bar, etc. We will not explain them one by one.

How many types of LED displays are there

After understanding the types of LED displays, let's take a look at where LED displays are more suitable for use.

Currently, among the LED applications, the largest market is in the field of lighting, followed by backlight applications and display screens. Don’t look at the LED display in the back, but in recent years, the LED display has been maintaining a relatively stable and rapid growth trend, especially with the maturity of the small-pitch LED display technology, the application of the LED display will gradually change from the outdoor super-large display. The application is going indoors, and the application field will be significantly expanded. It is expected that the next few years will maintain a very high growth rate, which will gradually increase the proportion of LED displays in the entire downstream application industry chain.

With the further decline in the price of small-pitch LED display in the future, the application field will further expand, and it will fully enter into commercial applications such as media, advertising, and cinema in the future. It can be seen by the income industry classification of major LED display manufacturers in recent years. , The income scale and growth rate from industrial and commercial enterprises are both high, indicating that with the decline in product costs, customers with higher price sensitivity have begun to gradually accept small-pitch LED products. The future market space in the commercial field is extremely broad.

At present, LED fine-pitch TV applications have not yet entered the civilian market, but with the further decline in cost and the mass production of products with smaller pixel pitch, it is expected to enter the civilian TV field. For ordinary household TVs below 70 inches, LCD display effect and cost are dominant, so small-pitch LEDs are unlikely to replace LCDs in this field in a short period of time. But above 70 inches, especially after 110 inches, due to the limitation of LCD manufacturing process, the cost will increase geometrically. Therefore, it is basically difficult to see LCD TVs over 110 inches.

In the development of my country’s LED display industry in recent years, with the integration of mergers and acquisitions among enterprises, the effect of scale has continued to appear, and the industry pattern has been basically clear. At the same time, LED display has been used in traditional outdoor advertising, stage stadiums and other fields. The application has also been developed more mature, and the products have gradually become homogeneous. With the gradual improvement of display technology, the gradual decline of costs, and the continuous iterative upgrade of products, especially the introduction of small-pitch products, LED displays have gradually entered many new market applications.

Especially the government and related agencies have important applications in the field of command and dispatch and security monitoring. When relevant departments are working, they can conveniently monitor information changes in real time and make better decisions.

In addition, there are smart city projects that are under construction recently. Use various information technologies or innovative concepts to open up and integrate the city's systems and services to improve the efficiency of resource utilization, optimize city management and services, and improve the quality of life of citizens. In the realization of informatization and industrialized cities, LED display screens have also played a great role in the entire development stage, promoting the conduct of commanding cities.

At present, LED full-color displays are mainly used in governments, military units, schools, advertising media, stadiums, stage backgrounds, municipal engineering, etc., and small-pitch LED displays are continuously developing more markets such as government, transportation, broadcasting, and military.

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