How much is the US P3.91 indoor rental LED screen?

Jul 19,2021| LED Knowledge

We all know that LED displays are used more and more widely, especially in the technologically advanced United States. LED displays are everywhere. So like P3.91 indoor rental LED screen, how much does it cost in the United States? Let's take a look.

Generally, the budget cost for the production of P3.91 indoor rental LED screen by our JYLED display company mainly consists of the following items:

Stage shot of a conference room in the United States p3. 91 rental display

Screen body cost: P3.91 indoor rental LED screen Different materials are used, and the price is also different. (Including the cost of the screen composed of LED die, LED module, IC driver chip, module power supply, standard cabinet and module mask.)

Control system cost: P3.91 indoor rental LED screen The number of receiving cards and sending cards. This needs to be calculated separately, and the number is mainly determined according to the size of the display screen.

Auxiliary equipment costs: power distribution cabinets, computers, audio amplifiers, air conditioners, multi-function control cards, users who need it can also be equipped with TV cards (which can simultaneously play TV channel programs) and LED video processors (which can be connected to cameras for live broadcast) Photoelectric signal conversion equipment).

Of course, some of these equipment users can also prepare their own equipment. Of course, they can choose not to purchase the equipment that is not needed.

Display screen playback software: including computer the Colorlight system software, as well as LED video playback software for display screen playback, etc., all free of charge.

P3.91 rental display for a wedding in the United States

Steel frame structure cost: the bracket used to fix the display screen, including the calculation of manual installation costs. (It is recommended that the manufacturer provide the steel frame structure design drawings for free, and the customer finds a local manufacturer to make it. The cost is not only low, but it is also very convenient for installation.)

Transportation cost: Our company generally uses logistics truck transportation, customer pays, depending on the transportation distance budget, I believe that the majority of customers are still acceptable.

Installation cost: When the goods arrive at the customer, our company will send 1-2 technical engineers to assist in the installation and commissioning free of charge. There is no charge for installation, and the customer is only responsible for the general board and lodging expenses and round-trip travel expenses of our technical engineers.

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