How to apply the floor LED display?

Jun 04,2021| LED Knowledge

Floor LED display can create a variety of scenes such as romantic warmth, dazzling dream, can give the couple and guests left a deep and unforgettable memories.

The floor LED screen is a special product designed for the stage. The performance effect of the stage is used incisively and vividly. The perfect combination of lifelike picture and music creates a magnificent and modern scene.

It has a high density of physical pixels and excellent waterproof performance, wine sprinkled on it can not affect its normal work.

It also has one of the biggest characteristics is the load performance, it can bear personnel in the above random trampling will not be damaged, after special process production can also bear more than 2 tons of car pressure, flexible modular design, can achieve the floor, ceiling, T and other display applications.

So, how to apply the floor LED display?

floor LED display

Floor LED display features:

1, bearing pressure.

The maximum bearing capacity of the floor LED display on the market can generally reach 2 tons, or more than 2 tons.

2. Interactive induction.

Floor LED display through the installation of pressure sensors and other ways, to achieve human and screen interaction.

Specifically, when people step on a certain position of the floor tile screen, or when a certain position of the floor tile screen senses pressure, the floor tile screen display screen will make corresponding changes.

3, high protection.

Floor LED display surface after frosted technology treatment, waterproof, anti-slip and anti-glare.

The protection grade reaches IP65.

4, quick installation.

The base frame of the floor LED display is simple and convenient to set up, and can be adjusted and installed quickly.

5. Wireless connection.

The box body of the floor LED display is placed on the frame so that it automatically fits.

Can be equipped with aviation plug connectors, without exposed wiring.

6. Magnetic suction module.

Magnetic absorption module for floor LED display is easy to maintain.

floor LED display

Application of floor LED display screen:

1. Teaching

The LED interactive floor tile screen will be the perfect combination of entertainment and education for the school and the boot camp.

With engaging motion-sensing games and interactive videos, the LED floor tile screens will provide a unique learning platform.

Through specially designed educational content, LED floor tiles can effectively enhance students' learning initiative, enhance their sense of collaboration and social skills.

2. Sports venues

A player's movements and jumps are fed by pressure to sensors on an LED display on the court floor, and the movement of the player is continuously tracked.

With pre-programmed and interactive sensors that allow the on-court images to switch between several scenes, the floor LED display provides a dazzling basketball practice experience for each player.

In the future, LED courts have unlimited potential for development. In the future, it may be possible to get more data about players through inductive interaction, including their heart rate, blood pressure and pace, to help them get more professional training and even injury prevention.

3. Medical rehabilitation

Foreign medical institutions have proved that interactive video is very effective in speeding up the rehabilitation process of patients walking.

In the image below, the medical facility turns treatment into a game-like experience with a specially designed game that allows patients who need to regain their walking ability to walk on a floor LED display.

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