How to buy a full-color LED display? Master these points, so you have the chance to win

Apr 28,2021| LED Knowledge

What brands of full-color LED displays are there? Which are the well-known domestic full-color LED display manufacturers? The LED display industry is not like the traditional industries such as computers, mobile phones, televisions, etc., which have formed relatively well-known brands. In the processing and manufacturing industry, the chips, driver ICs, power supplies and other components used in the display are all developed and produced by professional manufacturers, and the display manufacturers purchase raw materials for secondary processing and production. What we usually call the display brand mainly depends on the manufacturer's chip, package, driver chip, power supply, system, etc. What brand is used, and then the manufacturer's production scale strength. At present, the leading LED display manufacturers in terms of strength include Unilumin, Lianjian Optoelectronics, Absen, JYLED How to buy a full-color LED display? Master these points, so you have the chance to win, etc., these manufacturers LED display Well-known manufacturers in the field of screens belong to the first camp of full-color displays.

How to buy a full-color LED display? Master these points, so you have the chance to win


What kind of model is good for the advertising LED large screen of 60 square meters outside the full-color LED display?

If it were three years ago, the P16 full-color display would definitely be the first choice. Because the price of the P16LED display is low, the pixels of 60 square meters are fully enough to meet the requirements, and the price/performance ratio is absolutely nothing. However, as the price of P10 full-color outdoor display screens has dropped significantly in the past two years, the price/performance ratio of P16 has become less obvious. According to the current development situation, the P10 full-color series is recommended for the 60-square-meter outdoor LED large screen. Of course, P16 is also a good choice for customers with low pixel requirements.


Full-color LED display chip quality and brand?

Now the domestic chip level parameters are not much different from Taiwan chips, you get what you pay for; the quality of genuine original Taiwan Epistar LED screen chips is still very good. At present, many large-scale display manufacturers use Epistar chips. In addition, the quality of Taiwan Opto Lei, Hangzhou Shilan, and Hangzhou San'an brand chips are also very good, the display effect is not inferior to the epistar chip, and the utilization rate is also very high. However, as competition has intensified in recent years, and price wars have spread. In order to ensure profits, many small manufacturers have arbitrarily lowered the quality of display screens. They use counterfeit knockoffs from Taiwan Epistar and Opto Lei chips. Note that the price far below the normal price is definitely not a genuine Epistar brand display. There are also chip brands that are better than Epistar OptoLei, such as American Cree and Japan Nichia, which are all international first-line brands. Take Huagang's packaged Cree chip display as an example, its price is about 4 times that of the Taiwan Epistar brand.

What is the reason for the quotation gap of P10 full-color LED display?

P10 outdoor full-color display is currently quoting rather chaotic in the market, which is mainly due to product cost and brand reasons. There are even individual manufacturers whose quotations are lower than the normal quality cost bottom line. I want to remind everyone that cheap goods are not good products, especially for electronic products. The price can indeed measure the quality in a certain sense. . Generally low prices are used taillights and defective products. The light-emitting angle is small, the chromatic aberration is large, it is easy to appear the phenomenon of dead spots and black screens.

Which is the most high-definition full-color LED display?

How about the price? Currently, the highest pixel resolution of LED displays is P6. Outdoor P6 displays are available in in-line and patch types. If the indoor high-definition LED display is purely from the pixel density, the newly launched P1.9 is the clearest LED electronic screen. But in fact, P1.9 and even P2LED full-color display technology has not yet reached full maturity, and the market sales are very small. It is not entirely correct to say that the highest-definition LED screen is. In the true sense, the most high-definition indoor LED screen should be P2.5. P2.5 full-color display technology has high maturity and has gradually entered the market.

What equipment is needed for a full-color LED display besides the display itself?

LED displays are usually divided into five parts. The first part is the display screen, the second part is the display control system (synchronous control system, including the sending card, the receiving card); the third part is the display supporting equipment (including computers, power distribution cabinets, audio amplifiers, air conditioners, Lightning arrester, video processor, etc.); The fourth part is the large-screen steel structure (including the fixed external frame of the display screen and aluminum-plastic panel edging); the fifth part is the display transportation and installation costs. Usually the display price refers to the unit price of the display screen, and the indoor screen generally does not require air conditioning and lightning arrester equipment.

How to judge the quality of full-color LED display?

IC, power supply, package, kit; in terms of the display effect, the quality of the display mainly depends on the brightness of the display, the flatness of the surface of the display, whether the color consistency of the display is blurred, the waterproof performance of the display, and the uniform color of the display Sex, viewing angle of view. What is the return on investment of a full-color LED display outdoor LED advertising large screen? How long will the cost recovery period take? The profit of LED large-screen advertising mainly depends on the popularity of the display installation location and the level of local economic consumption.

Under normal circumstances, the large LED screen can pay back about half a year. In view of the long service life of the LED advertising screen (more than 10 years of reasonable use), it can be seen that the return on investment of the LED advertising display is still great, especially now the LED display The price of the screen is falling, and the investment cost is getting lower and lower, but the advertising fee will not be reduced, but will only get higher and higher. The benefits of outdoor LED advertising screens are very likely to continue to grow.

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