How to choose and buy the best LED display

Feb 26,2021| LED Knowledge

  The majority of people thought it is easy to buy a new display, all you need to do is visit some multi-brand store that showcased various models, select from the 3-4 brands that were displayed, pick a screen size that would be right for your living room and the budget that would be right for your pocket.

JYLED HD led display

  Today it is not so simple. The led display market is filled with a plethora of brands, complex technologies abound; bright colors from an array of sets on display mesmerize you and the jargon mouthed by sales folks leave you baffled. If you follow the Internet, it is even more baffling with TV reviews and specifications which leave you more bewildered.

  The festive season has just begun and a profusion of new small pixel pitch led display has hit the market with new commercials and full-page ads. Consumer electronics is always high on the shopping list and HD led screens are high priority items for the consumer, especially if he/she is a videophile looking forward to enjoying HD Channels and big screen on the internet.

  Surprisingly, money doesn’t seem to be a major constraint these days. All led display retailers have tied up with banks and credit card companies to offer attractive financing schemes to bring LED TVs within the reach of a larger segment of the population. Moreover, with India being a leading consumer-driven market, research reports indicate that consumer spending in the country is estimated to more than double by 2025. According to various reports, this growth in the country's consumer market is largely driven by a young demographic and rising disposable income.

  This increasing affordability coupled with EMI schemes, narrowing of a price difference between LCD TV and LED screens, global trend for energy-saving, and TV interfaces with social media are driving the growth of the LED display market in China and even around the world.

  So where should one spend his hard-earned money to get years of viewing pleasure? We recommend that one takes a good hard look at all the options before zeroing in on the right LED display.

JYLED HD led display

  One of the must-see options for buyers today is the Sage small pixel pitch series of LED displays. The technology used here produces a high display performance than any other LED TV gives, it far more detail and depth so you can enjoy more vivid and true-to-life colors than ever before. The Sage indoor series is a more stable and high quality led chip than other competing models. Imagine a child tasked with coloring a painting but given a pencil box with only 6 shades against being given a box with 12 or more shades. Similarly, the led display is adopting a new design IC for indoor display and smart control system to adjust the color and the brightness to display the same picture. The result of this approach is more specific and pure natural colors which result in rich graphics and better viewing angles, producing an astonishing amount of detail and an array of vivid colors.

  The other aspect to remember while buying the High Definition led display is the audio experience. Even in this Sage indoor series, it has an edge against our competitor, because of the smart video processor and multi-function car, you can watch movie, TV, or even make it like KTV.

  So, now that you know about LED screens what are you waiting for? This festive season brings home a Sage LED screen that will brighten up your house and become the pride possession to enjoy for years to come.

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