How to clean the LED display? Take a look at this strategy!

Jan 26,2021| LED Knowledge

γ€€γ€€Through some recent customer data feedback, many customers are confused about how to clean the LED display. Today we will talk about how to clean the LED display.

γ€€γ€€The cleaning of the LED display screen is one of the most important routines for maintaining. Any wrong method of cleaning may cause damage and slight discolorations to the LED display module, so cleaning your screens in the right manner is necessary. We provide some simple and clear steps you can follow, let’s have a look.


γ€€γ€€1. Choosing Right Equipment

γ€€γ€€The acceptable cleaning equipment can be various. Generally speaking, they can be listed as below:

γ€€γ€€1) Few types of cleaning cloths: if you have a microfiber cloth, it can be your great choice to remove the dust and stain on the LED display panel without streaks as the minuscule fibers are soft enough while has a strong adsorbability for dust and dirt. You can also use cotton towels, or cotton handkerchiefs, or lint-free woven cloth.

γ€€γ€€2) Soft-bristled brushes: you can choose a soft brush but never a stiff brush. Besides, brush your LED display board vertically or horizontally but not diagonally. That may lead to a higher likelihood of dislodging individual LED pixels.

γ€€γ€€3) Safe vacuum with brush attachment: dust that settles between the gaps may penetrate deeper than hurt the components. Using this kind of vacuum to clean screens regularly can protect your displays from unwanted issues. Please be careful when you choose this tool, because your screens may be more fragile than you think. So please do not put too much pressure on the screens and apply too much wind power.

γ€€γ€€4) Cotton swabs in difficult areas: a cotton swab can wipe out the smudges in the corner that you can’t get into with your cloth.

γ€€γ€€The detailed steps about how to clean LED display screens

γ€€γ€€For the aspect of acceptable cleaning agent, there are several choices for your reference:

γ€€γ€€1) LED display cleaning liquid: it can be a great choice as it can clean the displays efficiently without harm to the surface.

γ€€γ€€2) LED display repair agent: the repair agent can be functional as it can repair and clean your LED screen display at the same time to let your screen shine like a new one. The multiple functions also include the resistance of dust, static, corrosion, etc. Appropriate PH value ensures there is no damage to the surface.

γ€€γ€€3) Water: it can be one of the alternative options, but doesn’t own such cleaning power as the above two. And sometimes dust may adhere to it and leave some streaks after drying.

clean led display

γ€€γ€€2. Cleaning Steps for LED Display Screens

γ€€γ€€1) Blowing dust: blow the dust in the same direction such as left to right in a horizontal and even way. Then you can choose appropriate equipment such as a professional electronic brush to clean the dust or dirt on the surface of the LED display module.

γ€€γ€€2) Cleaning: you can spray the cleaning agent on the surface or dampen the cloth but don’t sop it with too much liquid then clean the screen lightly.

γ€€γ€€3) Removing dust again: use the brush to clean up the LED display module again. Please clean the brush before using it to avoid re-pollution.

γ€€γ€€4) Cleaning the screen again: use a cleaning agent again to remove the dust left behind by the last step. You can decide the concentration of the mixed liquor of water and cleaning solution depending on the residual dirt. Please keep the same direction when using it such as from top to bottom or from right to left.

γ€€γ€€5) Air drying or blow-drying: inappropriate circumstances you can naturally dry the LED display. When there are low temperature and high humidity, it is recommended to blow dry the screen. Please choose the advisable air pressure of the air gun.

γ€€γ€€6) Repair: spray or dip LED display repair agent on the surface.

γ€€γ€€Now you may know how to clean the LED display, however, there are some things you need to avoid or keep in mind.

γ€€γ€€Choosing the right cleaning equipment to clean your LED display

worker clean led display
Workers clean LED displays on the street

γ€€γ€€3. Things to Avoid

γ€€γ€€1) Never spray liquid cleaners directly onto the screen. Even though it may seem like common sense that most electronic devices shouldn’t contact with liquids directly, many people still made mistakes. The safer way is to interrupt the power supply of the LED screen then clean it with a dry cloth or brush first, and spray a small amount of the cleaning solution onto the clean equipment and wipe it down.

γ€€γ€€2) Don’t use cleaning products that contain ammonia and alcohol. Ammonia and alcohol can irreparably damage the coating on the screen, which may cause slight discoloration in the LEDs and the area around them. That will negatively alter the viewing experiences and weaker the brightness when used under sunlight.

γ€€γ€€3) Apply too much pressure on the surface. Occasionally, you may content with tough dirt that takes a little extra effort to clean. If it happens, please don’t press down harder as severe damage can be caused to the top layer or anti-gloss coating. Spraying the cleaning solution onto a microfiber cloth and gently wipe down the area in either an up and down or side to side motion can be a smart option.

γ€€γ€€4) Allow hard edges on the brush or vacuum hose to make contact with LEDs. That may hurt your LEDs and the viewing experiences. And as we have said above, please don’t choose hard equipment such as a hard brush.

γ€€γ€€4. Other Tips

γ€€γ€€There are some other tips you can apply:

γ€€γ€€1) If you are going to clean your LED panel board, make sure you shut down the system entirely and disconnect it from the power source. A few minutes of cooling down is reasonable. This can help you clean the screen easier without resulting in streaks and reduce the risks of electrocution.

γ€€γ€€2) Don’t forget to clean the inside. If dust accumulates on the inside, it can hurt the components and weaken the performance.

γ€€γ€€3) Spray the surface with compressed air. You can use a can of compressed air to blast away any lingering and stubborn debris or dust to prevent it from entering your devices. It can prolong the using life and guarantee the functionality of your LED display.

γ€€γ€€4) If you want to clean a large LED display, you may need some cleaning platforms such as scaffolding, steel frame, hanging basket, and so on. Prepare them before the action can save your time.

γ€€γ€€5) Read the manual. The manual will often describe specific steps for cleaning. If you can’t find it, you can find it online if you search for the product on the official website.

γ€€γ€€5 The Bottom Line

γ€€γ€€This article discusses how to clean LED display screens, including the choice of cleaning equipment, cleaning steps, things to avoid, and other tips to solve the potential problems you may content with during the cleaning.

γ€€γ€€Hope you can benefit from it and help your screens shine beautifully!

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