How to define the price of outdoor LED display?

May 12,2021| LED Knowledge

With the application of outdoor LED screens becoming more and more common, more advertising companies and businesses choose outdoor LED screens to promote products or services.Outdoor LED display in the early stage of development, basically only large companies with strong funds, large enterprises will choose, because the size of outdoor display is generally relatively large, the cost is relatively high, many small business sales of products or services profit is

thin, it is difficult to bear the cost of outdoor LED display.However, in recent years, the LED display production technology has been greatly improved, production cost has been reduced, at the same time, outdoor LED display small spacing also got further application, this makes the size of outdoor LED display can be dozens of square meters, even smaller, so as to make the whole display need not so big money.Let more small and medium-sized enterprises can also choose outdoor LED display to promote their products or services.So what defines the price of outdoor LED displays?

Application of outdoor LED display screen

(Application of outdoor LED display screen.)

Outdoor LED display price composition:

1. Screen body of outdoor LED display: unit price of screen body includes: box body, module, power supply, connecting wire, etc.;

2. Outdoor LED display control system: that is, the cost of display receiving card and sending card, which is mainly based on the LED display model, width and height size, generally speaking, the larger the area, the higher the density, the more the number of cards used.

3. Outdoor LED display accessories: distribution box, computer, audio amplifier, air conditioning, multi-function control card, arrester, TV card and LED video processor and so on.Some of the equipment users can also purchase locally, some of the auxiliary equipment can not be configured.

4. Outdoor advertising LED display player software: including computer system software, and display display to use LED video player software, etc.

5. Transportation of outdoor LED display: Entrust the logistics company to deliver the products to the local area, and the customer will pay the freight to the logistics company when picking up the goods.

6. Technical support for outdoor LED display: when the goods are delivered to customers, most companies will send technical engineers to help guide installation and debugging for free.


Advantages of outdoor LED display:

1. More flexible outdoor communication: the laying of outdoor digital network makes a new breakthrough in outdoor LED full-color LED display, which can realize the interaction of live broadcast screen. Multi-level links and other functions can meet the various needs of the audience and make up for the monotony of outdoor media.

2. Communication and interaction, unlimited creativity: the outdoor full-color LED display has high brightness, wide viewing Angle, and content modification is simple and convenient, which can bring more interactive experience to users.And the outdoor full-color LED display can be customized for infrared and other effects for human-computer interaction (touch screen effect).

3. Linkage transmission and multi-screen integration: outdoor full-color LED display has high quality display effect, which will bring visual impact to customers in the display process. The larger the screen, the better the effect

4. Realism, timeliness and extensive coverage: Live broadcast combined with outdoor LED screen can spread and display information in the first time, attract audience and improve brand appeal.

There are many factors affecting outdoor LED display price, such as LED display module material, box material, count, brightness requirements and so on.

Therefore, the price is only a general range, to understand the specific outdoor LED display how much a square meter, but also need to consult the LED display manufacturers, manufacturers will combine the project requirements to give suggestions and reasonable display price.

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