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How to design a stadium LED display solution?

one. Description of stadium LED display

Stadium LED display is a specially designed LED display product according to the special application requirements of the stadium. It is mainly used in commercial advertisements, exciting scenes, slow-motion playback, close-ups, etc., to bring the audience a perfect visual feast. . To provide high-quality display screens for various sports events, the LED video image processor can realize unlimited real-time communication, manage and integrate dynamic display content (such as: video, time, text, graphics, animation and scoreboard system, etc.), Moreover, the entire screen can be displayed in multiple windows through the software partition function, and images can be displayed at the same time, real-time display, text, clock, and match scores. Unparalleled video quality, excellent color performance, and real-time event live broadcasts enhance the brand image for sports event sponsors and organizers, and while delivering publicity information, it also ensures that each audience can feel the excitement and perfection of the live competition to the greatest extent.

stadium LED display solution

two. System function:

1. Video display function:

Realize the conversion of VGA and Video signal, the superimposition of image and text can be realized through the subtitle machine

2. Video broadcast function:

Real-time display of video images, real-time live broadcast, broadcast TV and satellite TV; broadcast video programs such as VCRs and DVD players.

3. The function of playing computer information:

It can display various graphics, patterns, animations and other computer information; the playback system can input and play different information, and has a fully automatic playback function.

4. Sports competition information and sports results announcement function:

It can meet the requirements of various indoor international sports competitions, and can use the corresponding application software to display rankings, results, recorded results, and introduction of competition items for different competition rules.

5. Game clock function:

It can easily set any required time according to different competition events, and can change the ways of increment, decrement, running time, zero reset, pause, countdown, countdown, etc. It has an automatic end-of-race alarm function.

stadium LED display solution

Three, the function of the stadium LED display

1. The broadcast of commercial advertisements added to the competition scene. The perfect picture quality and sound effects made the scene more atmosphere and shocking of the competition.

2. Introduce player information and actual situation of the game The large and clear live game screen breaks the seat restriction and makes it easier to watch the game from a distance.

3. Connect the referee system, timing and scoring system, and the LED display can display the game time and score in real time.

4. Slow motion playback has become the basis for the referee to make correct decisions, maintaining the fairness and justice of the game, and reducing unnecessary conflicts.

5. Wonderful scenes, slow-motion playback, close-up shots, bring a perfect visual feast to the audience.

Fourth, the characteristics of LED display in Helilai Stadium

·The cabinet adopts a unique tilt angle adjustable design. Our stadium screen can adjust the tilt angle of the cabinet (75°~90°) according to different requirements, so that all audiences can see the content being played.

·The stadium screen uses a soft mask and a soft material covering the upper part, which can protect the led lights and will not cause obvious damage due to the collision of the athletes.

·The use of high-efficiency optical fiber transmission system effectively reduces the signal delay caused by the long transmission distance on the football field, and ensures the consistency of picture playback.

·With dual network cable hot backup function, two computers control one screen at the same time. When one computer has a problem, the other computer will automatically take over to ensure that the screen works normally.

·Good waterproof effect, with IP65 protection level, so that the display screen can continue to work for you in rainy weather.

five. Schematic diagram of LED display solutions for stadiums:

Sixth, stadiums and stadiums LED display application places

Widely used in football stadium LED display, basketball stadium LED display, swimming center LED display, stadium stadium LED display, funnel-shaped sports LED display, stadium wall LED display, outdoor column sports LED display and other stadiums LED display.

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