How to do a good job of fire prevention for full-color LED display?

Apr 28,2021| LED Knowledge

The first factor: LED display cooling system

We know that because the LED display works in a high temperature environment, if the design of the cooling air duct is unreasonable, it will easily cause dust to accumulate on the fan spindle, power supply and motherboard, resulting in poor heat dissipation, and serious damage. The electronic components are short-circuited and the fan is stuck, causing a fire. Therefore, the heat dissipation problem is an important factor that manufacturers must first solve.

Countermeasures: When the LED display is working, an exhaust fan and an air conditioner can be configured to cool the inside of the screen at the same time. It is recommended to install a 1P air conditioner every 7-10 square meters to ensure that the temperature in the screen maintains a normal constant temperature. However, if the air conditioner or exhaust fan is not configured properly, it will also cause uneven heat dissipation, which will easily lead to hidden safety hazards inside the screen due to the increase in temperature.

The second factor: the power source induces fire.

1. If the quality of the power supply we purchase is inferior raw materials that cannot be guaranteed, then without overvoltage protection, the voltage will instantly change from 5V to 7-10V and the IC will burn out.

2. If the terminal of the power cord is of poor quality or poor contact, it will also become a factor inducing fire hazards.

Countermeasures: Then we must start from the source of the raw materials purchased. The purchased power supply must be a UL-certified product, so that when choosing similar products, it is the safest and safest choice, and its effective conversion rate can guarantee the power load It is safe and stable, even in the case of hot external temperature environment, it can still work normally.

The third factor: wire and plastic kit

1. Due to the uneven quality of the wires on the market, the spools of many wires are copper-clad aluminum, which look like copper wires in appearance, but are actually aluminum alloy wires. However, this kind of wire is generally only used for temporary use, and cannot be used for regular products at all.

2. There are also copper problems in the copper wire of the LED display, insulation layer problems and wire diameter problems. As long as one of these problems is neglected, it will bury hidden fire hazards and bring unpredictable harm in the future.

Countermeasures: Therefore, when we purchase wires, we must purchase well-known domestic brands and are copper core wires that have passed the national 3C compulsory certification. Because only the core is a copper wire conductive carrier, the cross-sectional area tolerance of the core is within the standard range, and the insulation and flame retardancy of the rubber covering the core meet the standard, will the area be smaller than the general and the insulation rubber level is not enough The energization performance of the copper-clad aluminum core is more stable to avoid the occurrence of short circuits.

If the plastic kit is made of inferior products made of recycled materials, it is not UV resistant and no flame retardant is added. In this case, if it is used for a long time, it is likely to cause rainwater to penetrate into the wire. Short circuit.

Countermeasures: PC+ glass fiber material with flame retardant function can only be purchased with high-quality kit raw materials. Only in this way can it have flame retardant function, and it can also be used under long-term high and low temperature without deformation, brittleness and cracking. At the same time, it can be used in combination with glue with better sealing performance, which can more effectively block the rainwater from the external environment from penetrating into the interior so as to avoid the fire caused by the short circuit.

The fourth factor: LED display protective materials

If the outdoor LED display chooses aluminum-plastic panels, it will age quickly due to high temperature, rain, cold and heat impact, so that in the humid climate season, rain and dew will easily penetrate into the screen and cause short circuits in electronic components and cause fires.

Responsive measures: When we purchase materials for the external protective structure of the LED display, we should use the fireproof aluminum-plastic panel, which is a fireproof material for the LED display with a higher fire rating on the market. It has excellent fire resistance, strong fire and flame retardancy, and strong oxygen aging performance of special materials for core materials.

The fifth factor: maintenance and installation of the LED display

After analyzing the causes of fire accidents in LED display screens, it can be seen that, in addition to the quality of the product itself, many fire accidents are caused by the improper operation of engineers and technicians in the process of early installation and later maintenance. Caused. For example, during the construction process, the selection of substandard cables and wires that are not tightly caused heat generation due to poor contact and unreasonable distribution box configuration, etc., these are the future safety hazards of the LED display. However, the welding operation is not standardized, and the use of open flame or smoking when installing and debugging the LED display screen is more likely to cause a fire on the spot.


1. In terms of LED display installation, professional technicians must be responsible for installation, guidance and inspection. At the same time, remove the combustibles and combustibles around the LED display to prevent fires caused by the surrounding fire hazards;

2. In terms of after-sales maintenance, professional and technical personnel must regularly test and inspect the display screen to avoid potential safety hazards caused by improper operation and untimely maintenance.

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