How to do the LED display business?

May 17,2021| LED Knowledge

In the future, the development trend of LED display market sales methods is trending. There are many marketing methods today. The best way to sell LED displays in the market is a subject research facing all the leaders in the manufacturing industry. In the past, the characteristics of agents, the later channels, the popularity of online marketing, e-commerce, and the sales methods of each LED display market often have people of all ages. If this new trend is correct, there is no sign.

How to do the LED display business

Without channels, it is undoubtedly bad. The embarrassing death of Shenzhen enterprises in the past two years is a major case. How to do it? The channel is also divided into 7 control modules: provincial agents, distributors, engineering projects, hardware, shopping malls, supermarkets, exports, e-commerce? Or is it a unique method?

Without the period, the screen channel is as difficult as the LED display period for manufacturers to give up. I like it because it has broad market prospects and imagined indoor space; I hate it because of its high practical difficulty, the ups and downs of market trends, and the sensitivity of agency power to turbulence. Of course, the problem has not yet arisen. The problem is that the price of LED displays continues to fall (it is better now), and your inventory will continue to depreciate. No one can bear this kind of damage!

Even if they can afford it, no one can afford it. Manufacturers are unwilling to bear it, and shops are unwilling to bear it. To do business is to make money. How can I lose money? If it is a provincial agent, what is the appropriate annual sales volume? How much inventory is appropriate? Is it necessary to buy? Is it cash or the end of the month? Of course, this problem is also encountered when operating traditional screen products. This is only a relatively minor issue.

The price of LED displays is relatively high (not to mention waste products), and the product assets of agents or distributors are still a lot, and not everyone is starting. Of course, people must realize that doing anything and doing business are often risky, but this risk is not as serious as the depreciation of the LED display inventory! Therefore, there are two other ways of thinking. The first is that the manufacturer actively and clearly proposes that the manufacturer of the inventory discount should bear joint responsibility. This is natural happiness (people who are too cautious don't say it). It is also the idea of the manufacturer that makes the agents accustomed to guarantee: "Do it if you dare to do it, once the inventory depreciation damages it will belong to me!"

In this case, can production be carried out based on the order information? Is it possible to achieve zero inventory? Of course, it can be done according to the order information, but even the store does not stock it. Why is there better order information? Zero inventory is also a piece of cake. If you don’t check the inventory, do you still wholesale it? Even retail must have effective inventory, let alone wholesale! Can it become an effective inventory? Effective inventory is naturally ideal, but effective inventory is risky! But people think that this kind of guarantee is unreasonable and not suitable for most people.

When doing business, the most objective choice is to share resources and risk. Previously, the depreciation of LED display as a light source was basically a development trend, unless there is a major reversal of raw materials such as 2019; LED display used as lighting fixtures can be used for raw materials and processing technology. Or other hard work to make it appreciate or appreciate.

In addition, as a general-purpose screen product, the depreciation of LED displays is a new trend, but it continues to highlight its high cost performance. On this issue, Mullinson, Buddhist photos, rectangles, and NVC lighting are all kept awake. For this kind of development trend, can you have a logical thinking and come up with a way to keep the invention?

Depreciation instead of appreciation? This may seem like a myth, but it will definitely happen.

When communicating with the leaders of the LED display industry a few days ago, he pointed out that agents often have enough courage to save inventory, which means that the LED display industry has not depreciated, but is only increasing. The depreciation of inventory has objectively caused all manufacturing industries to be cautious (except for those who have nowhere to spend and do not know how to deal with them), making the socialization process of manufacturing much slower. This also caused some major losses and the downfall of the company. However, in the long run, maintaining the stability of LED display products is particularly important for promoting channel infrastructure construction. At first glance, the ups and downs are a fatal flaw in the channel infrastructure of the LED display manufacturing industry.

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