How to judge whether a full-color LED display is high-end?

Sep 28,2021| LED Knowledge

When we buy things, we all like to use price to distinguish items. Products with high prices are regarded as high-end products, and products with low prices are naturally regarded as low-end. This situation has also spread to LED displays. Therefore, many people divide the LED display into medium, high and low end by price.

Some people think that the low-end is the lower price, and the relatively high-end is naturally the high-priced product. This statement is not completely wrong, but the scoring standard is not accurate. If you follow this statement, then imagine that it is made of gold. Full-color LED display unit board, the price must be high enough, but what about the sales volume?
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There is also a view that low-end products are low-tech products, and high-end products are vice versa. From this point of view, it is slightly more reliable than the above statement, but it is not absolute. The quality of a product should be determined by its sales. After all, products that are positioned at high-end will reflect such things as high prices, high profits, and relatively high product quality. This is understandable, but if there is no market and cannot be sold, then all this is useless.

Take, for example, gold to build a unit board module. Even if it sells only one module a year, it is considered a success, but it has not been sold once a year and cannot be recognized by consumers. Therefore, high-end full-color LED display products should be products that are available in quantity, price, and market, and can be recognized by consumers. As a manufacturer of LED electronic displays, don't neglect the marketability of the products. Without sales, no matter how refined and expensive the product is, it can only be a "castle in the sky", which is beyond expectation. So, how to judge whether a full-color LED display is high-end? Here we need to distinguish from the materials used in the LED display.
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The main core components of the LED display include LED lamp beads, driver chips, PCB circuit boards, etc. Although these three types are not as important as the three major types of automobiles, such as the engine, gearbox, and chassis, the special part lies in the LED display. The core components such as power supply, control system, wire, structure, etc. are all replaceable. Only the LED lamp beads, circuit board, and driver chip cannot be replaced once they are integrated together, just like the LCD panel of a TV. If any of the three major types of LED display components has serious quality problems, it means that the entire LED display is a substandard product, and various quality hazards will linger.

Here is a way to identify the core components. When many LED display suppliers provide quotation solutions, users need to ask the suppliers to specify the brand and parameters of the materials as far as possible. For example, the packaging manufacturers of LED display beads have NationStar Optoelectronics, Jingtai Optoelectronics, high-end products such as American CREE, Nichia, etc., should be listed in the LED display quotation parameters. For example, the driver chips such as Toshiba, Chichuang, Macroblock, Mingwei, etc., should also be displayed on the LED. Reflected in the on-screen quotation.

The user can directly watch the display effect of the LED display during the inspection. I believe that only this will purchase the satisfactory product. If the effect is not good, the user can take a sample and send the sample to the designated supplier to determine whether the LED display material is in accordance with The contract requires procurement, which will help protect their rights.

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