How to repair the LED display in Macau?

Apr 28,2021| LED Knowledge

With the continuous development of society, the LED display industry is advancing by leaps and bounds. LED displays and LED light boxes can be seen everywhere. When the user of the LED display reaches a certain number of years, the LED display will be aging, and then the LED display will need maintenance.

How to repair the LED display in Macau

1. The display screen does not work and the green light of the sending card flashes (in a retractable and retractable manner).

The network cable is not connected properly;No power supply of the receiving card or too low power supply voltage;Sending card is broken;Signal transmission intermediate equipment is connected or faulty (such as: function card, optical fiber transceiver box) Troubleshooting method: check and confirm the screen body power supply is normal;Check the reconnection cable;Ensure that the DC output power supply is 5-5.2V;Replace the sending card;

Check connection or replace function card (fiber-optic transceiver box).

2. The whole screen is not bright can be detected from the following aspects: master control business card printing without power input;

Test whether the LED power supply for the control card is damaged, if damaged, replace the power supply;There is a problem with the power supply circuit of the display body, check the circuit to keep the power supply smooth;The computer or control card Settings are tampered with accidentally, check the software Settings to restore the original data;If the control card itself is damaged, replace it with a new one.

3. Several successive panels are not lit in the horizontal direction or in the longitudinal direction. This situation is mainly due to the problem of the data line between the normal unit board and the abnormal unit board or the damage of the unit board chip 245.The longitudinal direction is not bright because there is a problem with the LED power supply for the unit board in this area, which should be replaced in time.

4. When starting the LED studio, it is suggested that the control system can not be found mainly because the signal acquisition line between the COM port and the data sending card is not connected or the computer itself has a bad COM port. It should be timely checked whether the data line is unblocked or whether the data line and the computer socket is loose.

5. The font is not complete Some display in the work can only display part of text information, font lack of strokes Information made by this kind of problem is mostly caused by the size and the size of the screen is not, of itself, the display is no quality problem, only need to edit the information, to set the font size and screen the same size.

6. A unit board is not bright, one or several unit boards in the whole screen body is not bright, there may be the following four situations: the unit board is not powered, the data line is wrong, the chip is bad (245), check whether the upper and lower modules and the corresponding feet of 595 are through. For the above four problems, the solutions are: the power supply is bad, replace the power supply;Replace the data line;Replace the control chip;If it is not repaired, it will be replaced if it is broken.

How to repair the LED display in Macau

The basic steps of maintenance of LED display:

1. Determine the type of HUB board used by the module or unit board, so that the interface definition of the wiring can be the same.

2. According to different models of modules or unit board, send the corresponding program to the receiving card to ensure that the module and unit board are displayed under the correct program, which is the premise to find out the cause of failure.Generally, the model number of the module or the unit board will be printed on the PCB board.

3. To observe the phenomenon of the module or the unit board, determine the initial fault, such as common blind lights, dots, small squares, etc.

4. Use a multimeter to find the fault, mainly using the short-circuit detection method above, to detect the chip and the lamp foot.

5. To test again.

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