Introduction of outdoor LED display products

Mar 02,2021| LED Knowledge

  When it comes to LED displays, everyone is familiar with it. So far, LED displays have a history of more than 30 years of development. In the past 30 years, the technological level of LED display screens has become higher and higher, and products have been continuously optimized, so they have been gradually adopted by all walks of life.

outdoor led screen product

  The LED display is a customized product with a wide variety of products and a wide range of uses. This article mainly introduces outdoor led display products (p3mm, p3.91mm, p4mm, p4.81mm, p5mm, p8mm, p10mm).

p4 outdoor led screen product

  outdoor led display products are especially popular in advertising, exhibitions, conferences, competitions, and publicity due to their waterproof and dustproof properties, high brightness, and customizable area. Here, we mainly introduce two types of common outdoor led display products.

  1. outdoor led display product product for advertising. outdoor led display product uses waterproof materials in the production process, and with auxiliary measures such as waterproof ring, acrylic board, etc., can make the LED display adapt to the changing outdoor environment and smoothly convey the content to the audience. Therefore, people often install LED displays in front of their shops, on the walls of office buildings or other places that need attention.

  2. LED display screens used in special occasions such as exhibitions, conferences, competitions, and stages. The outdoor led display product has the characteristics of high brightness, strong programmability, and large area selection, making it one of the most popular communication media. Through the control of the computer, the content programmed in advance will be conveyed to the audience through the large LED screen, which will achieve good results. Or, in the event of a competition, fix the outdoor led display product in a high position. outdoor led display product can make high-definition pictures for more people to see.

  In addition to the above common outdoor led display products, there are also some special-purpose LED displays. Such as outdoor car LED display, taxi roof LED display, backpack screen and so on. In short, outdoor led display products are increasingly providing convenience to people. I believe that in the near future, outdoor led display products will bring more colors to our lives.

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