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Jan 26,2021| LED Knowledge

  One of the most important things that should be considered before purchasing an LED screen or LED display is power consumption and electricity ongoing costs. Especially when it comes to high brightness outdoor China LED displays, electricity consumption is more of a concern. One of the questions we often get asked is, how much is the electricity consumption of LED displays? To answer this question, we need to know the electricity consumption of each pixel and the number of pixels in the LED screen.

Led Display Pixel Pitch

  Usually, a curved LED display is achieved by piecing two LED displays together, and unavoidably, appears a black line in the middle of it, it separates the display from another one and tremendously compromises the visual experience. Yaham's seamless module is designed with a curved surface, it magically turns two display into one seamlessly and smoothly, and it is perfectly workable with buildings that with different angles. By eliminating the black line, it leaves you the uninterrupted visual experience and perfect finish only.

  Instead of the growing weary traditional LED display, Yaham's seamless curve LED display breaks the limitation of shape and brings infinite possibilities for the reinvention of LED display. With a redesigned triple-layer mask, Yaham seamless curve LED display featuring improved contrast ratio.

Audio display

  In theory, LED pixels to operate at 5V and pass 20mA of current. Therefore, the energy consumption of each pixel will be 5V×20mA=0.1W. knowing the usage of each pixel, it is easy to calculate the total consumption of an LED screen.

  Pixel configuration, Scan Driving Method and energy consumption of LED displays

  Take a P10 outdoor LED screen. The distance between the pixels is 10mm so there is 100×100=10,000 pixel in one square meter and each pixel is made of three red, green, and blue pixels. So, we have 30,000 pixels per square meter. Therefore, 30,000 pixel/m2 × 0.1 W/pixel=3000 W/m2. Outdoor LED displays are normally operating on? Scan Driving Method. It means 1 of 4 pixels receive current at the same time with the high-frequency refresh. So, the power consumption would be 3000W/ m2/4=750W/m2. Please note it is the maximum power consumption at maximum brightness.

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  Energy Saving LED displays

  There are some energy-saving LED signs with new technology that use a lower voltage of 2.8V for LED pixels results in near 50% less energy consumption. But, the question is how much you can save by energy-saving LED sign products. Depends on the electricity rates and total size of your electronic signage, operating an outdoor LED sign with 750W/m2, may cost hundreds of dollars per year. Take a 2m by 1m LED sign, if it operates 24hrs a day and 7 days a week, with average brightness and consumption of 400W/m2, it will be 2 m2×400 W/m2×24hr×365days=7000kW/year. Considering an electricity rate of .2 $/kW, it will cost around $1400 per year. So, energy-saving LED sign can save $700 per year for a small 2m by 1m sign. Considering the 8-year life-span of LED signs, an energy-saving LED sign can save more than $5000 in electricity bills. We provide both normal and energy saving outdoor LED sign cabinets in a wide range of sizes and resolutions.

  Electricity Costs

  Electricity consumption and electricity costs of an LED screen or LED display depend on the resolution, brightness and electricity rate.

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