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Mar 02,2021| LED Knowledge

  The LED digital poster display screen adopts high-end aluminum alloy material and an ultra-thin design, which makes the overall appearance cool. The screen adopts high-quality LED lights, with a brightness greater than or equal to 1000cd / m2, which makes the video image clearer, natural, delicate, and has a stronger visual impact, to better promote your products. LED digital poster display screen is widely installed in stores, shopping centers, halls, bus stations and other scenes, which can be updated and operated through the network or USB; optional installation solutions include ceiling, floor-mounted and wall-mounted installation.

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  Features of the LED digital poster display screen:

  1. Gob technology to protect SMD LED

  By pouring special waterproof glue on the LED module, it can prevent dust, water and corrosion of some harmful substances. In the LED module, a shockproof device is cleverly designed to solve the problem of LED falling and damage when the LED digital poster screen is hit.

  2. Mirror like a surface, acrylic protective cover

  A mirror with a mirror-like acrylic protective cover combined with waterproof glue can better prevent the erosion of dust, water and harmful substances. The surface of the screen is waterproof to IP65, which is enough to meet daily needs.

  3. Improved seamless combination

  Gob-led poster adopts a frameless design, which can remove the annoying frame and make the sign stand closer, to produce the seamless display effect as far as possible.

  4. It can be spliced by multiple multipliers

  The multiplier can be spliced to the large display screen, and the built-in controller can meet the splicing of 1-6 units. If more than 6 units need to update the controller.

  5. Synchronous or asynchronous controllable

  Provide Wi Fi/cable connection, which can be quickly released through mobile app and PC. You can load the program through WiFi / USB / LAN. HDMI input can also be used if necessary. Built-in storage capacity supports almost all video and image formats. This function applies to all LED digital poster display products on this page.

  6. It is light and easy to install in many ways

  The single mirror LED display weighs nearly 35 kg. The screw hole position is designed, which is easy to install, move, or string screen. At the same time, it supports lifting, wall hanging, seat installation, diagonal bracing and other installation methods to meet the installation requirements of various application scenarios.

Series Digital LED Poster

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