How to choose the brightness of LED display?

Mar 06,2021| LED Knowledge

  As a professional manufacturer of LED display screen in Shenzhen, we sometimes get some incredible inquiries - I need indoor led screens with 3000nits. When we told him that the indoor led screen with 800-1200nits is enough, otherwise too high brightness will cause harm to human eyes. But some customers think that the higher the brightness, the better. Today we will analyze the professional knowledge of LED screens.

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  Indoor or outdoor use & brightness requirement or environment brightness level?

  1>For outdoor use:

  A: if facing the sun, the brightness should be more than 8000 nits, if lower than 8000 nits then the people will not see a clear image when it is in the noontime, mostly from 11 AM-3 PM.

  B: if not facing the sun(back on to the sun), the brightness should be more than 5500 nits, if lower than 5500 nits then the people will not see a clear image too during the daytime.

  C: So if your screen is facing the sun then you should be very careful about choosing the correct model and reliable supplier for you since most factories LED displays can only reach around 5500-7500 nits brightness. this is not very enough for your outdoor application.

  D: Brightness depressing rate: for a long term using consideration, the outdoor LED display's brightness depressing should be as slow as possible, if not, then the outdoor LED display cannot use for even 2 years then the brightness lowering to 3000 nits level and cannot make use any longer. For a good quality LED display, it should be using more than 5 years with no much brightness depressing(maintain 80% of the original highest brightness level), this is very important esp for some very important big project since for the big project it is very hard to make the replacement. so when your project is very huge you should be more cautious about how to choose your LED display.

  E: Chip size is also an important factor for the brightness, lifetime & quality of the outdoor LED display. For Nichia, the chip size is very small 7-9mill but still can achieve more than 12000nits brightness for outdoor LED display models(eg.P10 mm, P12mm,14mm,16mm & 20mm). But for other chip brands, it is very hard and almost impossible. For other LED chip brands, the bigger the LED chip size the higher the brightness it can achieve & can ensure a longer lifetime for the LED chip. actually, the LED chip size should be more than 13 mills for green & blue LED chips,12 mills for red LED chips.

JYLED P2.5 led display small pixed

  2>For indoor use:

  A: Normally the brightness should be more than 800 nits if lower than 800 nits then the people will not see a clear image when it is more than 50 meters far away from the LED screen.

  B: If the inside environment has very bright lighting, the brightness should be more than 1200 nits, if lower than 1200 nits then the people will not see a clear image again.

  C: For the indoor models: from P4mm, P5mm, P6mm, P7.62mm to P10mm, only P4-P7.62mm can reach more than 2000 nits brightness, for P10mm & P12mm, the brightness is only around 1500nits. So when you make the finalization for which model to buy, you need to know clearly which kind of brightness environment you will have.

  3>For semi-outdoor use:

  A: Normally semi-outdoor LED display refers to the LED display when it is using in the hall of the bus station, train station, airport, basketball perimeter, football stadium perimeter, etc.

  B: The brightness requirements for the above application is around 4000 nits.

  C: The most common use solution for this semi-outdoor application is by using outdoor models, like P16, P20, P12, or P10mm.

  The difference with the outdoor use is:

  No need for the rubber pouring on the surface of the module. The screen work method is normally not static, like for P16, the screen work method is scanning 1/4, for P20, the screen work method is scan 1/2. The reason is that for semi-outdoor use, it is no need to be waterproof any longer and the brightness requirement is a little lower than the outdoor model since no direct sunshine environment.

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