What should I pay attention to when purchasing indoor meeting LED display screen?

Mar 24,2021| LED Knowledge

  Indoor LED display the current widely used in the leisure culture square Entertainment plaza, Business center, shopping center media center street railway station the airport bus etc In recent years, install the LED display is becoming more and more popular in the conference room, indoor LED display show intuitive feelings and the effect is more advantages than the traditional projection. LED display screens installed in meeting rooms are usually viewed from a short distance, and they are also very careful when choosing the type of LED display screens. Currently, P2, P2.5 and P3 are the most commonly used indoor LED screens, followed by small-spacing LED screens below P2.If the budget is large enough and the requirements for indoor meeting LED display are higher, P2's small-spacing indoor meeting LED display can be considered.Next will introduce you to the indoor meeting the size of LED display and its indicators:

LED display for indoor meeting

  LED display screen size of conference room:

  1.P2.5 indoor high-definition small-spacing LED screen, module size 160mm*160mm and 320*160mm

  2.P3 indoor LED display, module size 192mm*192mm

  3.P4 LED full-color display, module size 256mm*128mm and 256mm*256mm

  4.P5 full-color LED display, module size 320mm*160mm

  5.P6 full-color LED display, module size 192mm*192mm

  6.P8 LED display, module size 256mm*128mm. and 320mm*160mm

LED display for indoor meeting

  Indicators for indoor meeting LED display:

  1. Module of LED display screen for indoor meeting: LED module is the "building block parts" of video wall.The arrangement of modules depends on the product, market, and purpose.

  2. Pixel of an indoor conference LED display: Pixel is short for image element and is the basic light point that forms alphanumeric graphic video. A pixel can be a single LED, multiple LED of the same color, or multiple LED of different colors. They are the elements that make up an electronic display system and can be independently controlled or switched on and off at different brightness levels.

  3. Resolution of LED display for indoor meetings: Resolution is the number of pixels in the physical area of LED display. The more pixels per unit area, the better the detail display ability. Resolution is determined by the display size, pixel technology, pixel spacing and viewing distance.

  4. Indoor conference LED display visual Angle: choose indoor LED display, should consider its installation position and Angle In order to let the audience in an indoor LED display in the meeting within the perspective to get better images, so will arrange in the perspective of the audience Viewing angles or viewing area should be greater than the best Angle of view, the best Angle of view to decided by site condition and ambient light.

  Viewing distance of LED display for indoor meeting: The calculation of viewing distance is mainly based on the type of LED display for indoor meeting and the distance from the LED display for indoor meeting.Each display has a minimum and maximum viewing distance.The spacing of pixels also varies between indoor and outdoor applications.

  Meeting rooms are generally small in area, viewing distance is relatively close.If it is to use the conventional P4, P3 specifications granular sense is strong, the definition is not very high, if the use of small spacing full color LED display effect will be very good, high definition refresh rate, and there is no sense of moles grain that is water ripple.

  The price of LED displays for indoor meetings is affected by the following factors:

  1. Screen quotation: the price of the conference room display screen is ×× yuan/square meter, and the price will be different if the materials are not the same.

  (Including the cost of LED tube core, IC driver chip, power supply and LED box).

  1. Control system cost: to control the number of computers, receiving cards and sending cards, the number should be determined according to the size of indoor meeting LED display screen, and then calculate the cost.

  2. Cost of auxiliary equipment: power distribution cabinet, computer, audio power amplifier, air conditioning control card, lightning arrester and LED video processor can be selected according to requirements, and customers can also buy by themselves.

  3.Steel structure cost: including the cost of manual installation generally steel frame column structure is higher than the wall installation structure cost, can also require indoor meeting LED display manufacturers to provide steel structure design drawings, customers in the local manufacturer for production.

  4. Transportation cost: The cost of logistics transportation is paid by the customer on arrival.

  6.Installation cost: When the goods arrive at the site, the technical engineers of the indoor LED display manufacturer will come to help guide the installation, debugging and installation without charge, but the general accommodation cost and round-trip travel cost of the technical engineers need to be paid.

  Dust removal and cleaning of indoor display screen:

  1. Dust removal: indoor conference room dust is generally very few, so room meeting LED display every half a year can be cleaned up once, first of all, with a dry brush from the top of the screen down to brush off the dust;

  Then, with a slightly wet cloth from the top to the bottom of the light wipe it again.

  2. Cleaning: After dust removal for indoor meeting LED display, it is necessary to start the indoor LED display for more than 4 hours, and keep the indoor meeting LED display dry.

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