How to avoid LED display static electricity?

Apr 06,2021| LED Knowledge

  In the winter, due to the dry air, LED display in the production of transportation storage installation, applications are easy to generate static, and static electricity for the LED display is a big threat Anti-static for electronic products such as LED display, is a very important link, the static electricity is very easy to influence the use of LED display and electrostatic voltage is made up of different kinds of material life and touch each other and separation This effect is known as triboelectrification, generated by the voltage depends on the mutual friction characteristics of the material itself.

  Because the LED display screen in the actual production process is mainly the human body and the relevant components of direct contact and indirect contact resulting in static electricity, the next will explain to you the LED display screen electrostatic causes and avoid measures.

LED display is anti-static

  The causes of static electricity in LED display screen:

  1. From a macroscopic point of view, it is due to the friction between objects to generate heat, stimulate electron transfer, contact and separation between objects to generate electron transfer, electromagnetic induction causes the surface charge of objects unbalanced distribution;The comprehensive effect of friction and electromagnetic induction.

  2. From the microscopic point of view, according to the theory of atomic physics, neutral material in the state of electrical balance, due to different material electron contact generated by the gain and loss of the electron, so that the material loses the electrical balance, electrostatic phenomenon.

LED display is anti-static

  The source of static electricity for LED displays:

  1. Object materials

  2. Floor work desk and chair

  3. Work clothes packaging containers

  4. Paint or waxed surfaces, organic and fiberglass materials

  5. Cement floor, painted or waxed floor, plastic floor tile or floor leather

  6. Chemical fiber work clothes, non-conductive work shoes, clean cotton work clothes

  7. Plastic, packing box, box, bag, plate, foam plastic liner.

  How to avoid LED display static electricity?

  1. Grounding: Grounding is to directly release static electricity to the earth through the wire connection, which is the most direct and effective anti-static measure. For the conductor, the method of grounding is usually used.

  In the production process, workers are required to wear grounding static bracelet, especially in the debugging and post-welding process of foot cutting plug-in, and make good supervision. Quality personnel must do static test of the bracelet at least once every two hours and make good test records.

  When welding, the electric iron should be used as far as possible anti-static low voltage constant temperature iron, and maintain good grounding;

  In the assembly process, as far as possible, use a low voltage DC electric driver with a ground wire (commonly known as the electric batch);

  Ensure the effective grounding of the production platform, glue filling platform, aging frame, etc.;

  We require the production environment to be equipped with copper wire grounding, such as floor walls and ceiling used in some occasions, should be used with anti-static materials. Usually, even ordinary gypsum board and lime paint wall can be used, but the use of plastic ceiling and ordinary wall paper or plastic wall paper is prohibited.

  2. Anti-static ground wire embedding: workshop building lightning rods reinforced concrete building and the general welding together properly grounded, when lightning occurs, the ground of the ground and the whole building will be high voltage heavy current discharge points It is generally believed in the discharge ground within the scope of 20 m will be "step", namely the ideal zero potential is no longer in this range In addition, the zero line of three-phase power supply due to could not have absolute balance will have the unbalance current produced and into the zero line of the ground, so the anti-static ground wire embedding point should be 20 metres away from buildings and equipment;

  Burying method: in order to ensure the reliability of grounding, less should be more than three point grounding, that is, dig more than 1.5m deep pit every 5m, more than 2m iron pipe or Angle iron into the pit (that is, the Angle iron inserted into the underground 2m above), then use 3mm thick copper row these three welding together, with 16m2 insulated copper core wire welding into the indoor trunk;

  Pit with appropriate amount of charcoal powder and industrial salt, in order to increase the soil conductivity, after the landfill with ground resistance tester measurement, the ground resistance should be less than 4Ω, and at least once a year to test.

  The above content is the anti-static explanation of LED display screen.

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