What are the challenges of LED display power supply and what are the solutions?

Mar 29,2021| LED Knowledge

  LED power supply as the main components of LED electronic screen, LED display has a heart of importance Especially in the application of outdoor LED display, LED power supply quality and performance, but also directly affect the quality and life of the LED display screen display is a kind of switch power supply through the filter rectifier pulse modulation output rectifier filter and a series of measures to AC 220 v mains (AC) into direct current (DC) 5 v DC power supply stable output of a device With the intelligent information visualization and 3D、 VR and AR technology popularization, such as cross-border integration with LED display has become a widespread reality, at the same time as the LED driver IC chip material control encapsulation technology continues to develop, such as LED display in the limited light energy conservation personalized continues to break through the direction of development, so to form a complete set of power supply is also put forward higher requirements The following will explain in more detail for you about the content of the LED display power supply.

Workers install led accessories in the factory

  How to choose the LED display power supply?

  1. Obtain the appearance of the process.

  2. Observe the full load efficiency.

  3. Observe the size of the output voltage ripple of the constant voltage power supply. The size of the ripple has a great impact on the life of electrical equipment, and the smaller the ripple, the better.

  4.Observe the temperature rise when the power supply is working.

  5. In order to ensure the normal broadcast of the LED screen picture, it is necessary to reserve a certain margin for the power supply products. Usually, the power supply of the LED screen is usually reserved with a margin of 20%-30%.

  Most of the LED display fire cause analysis:

  1. The larger the LED display area is, the higher the current density the PCB board bears for the rated power LED power supply, which will lead to insufficient space for laying lines. The power of the PCB board reaches the junction position, which may cause fire.

  2. The LED display will be painted with a double layer of anti-paint. During the operation of the LED screen, chemical reactions will occur to produce flammable substances, and after the power is switched on, local heating will be caused and high temperature will be generated.

  3. The protection material of LED display screen is the aluminum plastic plate of outdoor display screen. The aluminum plastic plate of outdoor display screen aging faster with the impact of high temperature and rain, cold and heat, so that in the humid weather season, rain and dew are easy to penetrate into the inside of the screen body, leading to short circuit of electronic components and causing fire.

Workers install led accessories in the factory

  How to solve the LED display power failure?

  1. When the LED display screen went black, because the LED display of power is too large, it is a bad for LED display case, because the power of the LED display once broken, the normal work of the whole LED display can't solve the problem the best approach is to use intelligent power supply adopts the intelligent power supply series, for each power supply for centralized power, even if broken a power supply, the other can work normally, and the control card will inform terminal power supply which can choose the appropriate position of the broken opportunity maintenance This greatly reduces the probability of power failure for the LED display.

  2. In the face of the hot weather, to improve the power of the heat dissipation. Due to the use of LED display area is larger, relative to the power consumption is big also, fever is relatively obvious, easy cause LED display cooling difficult problem In order to handle the heat dissipation problem of LED display, must in the installation phase, on the screen the appearance design and structure of the appropriate adjustments, internal adopts macro void design, design of circuit board, high density high precision special environment can use air conditioning or fan, efficient heat dissipation.

  Power products using high conversion efficiency design scheme, from the source to reduce the heat of the power supply, so as to be able to work in high temperature in the harsh environment LED display wire should be selected flame retardant materials, to prevent aging wire, in case of short circuit fire LED power components should also be used as far as possible fire retardant materials.

  Only more attention to the LED display power supply can more accurately solve the LED display power failure, so as to improve the use of LED display efficiency, for the user to bring greater benefits.

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