LED display screen suddenly no sound, how to do?

Jan 27,2021| LED Knowledge

  In the installation of LED display screen, may encounter a variety of problems, such as signal (LED display screen playback, divided into several screens, one screen is not bright), or found no sound LED display screen, then how to solve the LED display screen without sound?

  The computer does not have the sound frequently encounters the breakdown, generally has the software and the hardware reason.


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  1, computer mute: Sometimes the computer does not sound is not a computer software or hardware problem, but the computer right the bottom of the sound icon to mute it. The solution is simple, open the sound.

  2, sound card driver: This should be in the computer when there is no sound of the first thought, indeed this is often caused by the computer does not sound one of the problems. Right-click My Computer-manage-Device Manager, find-sound, video and game controller "+" or "right triangle" to see if there is an exclamation point if there is a problem with the sound card driver.

  Right-click the exclamation point device, select the updated driver, install the software automatically, or specify the path to install the driver; If the interface is gray, then prove that the driver is not installed, as long as download a driver installation can, if you do not know what to download, you can download a universal sound card driver installation.

  3, Mute virus: In the performance of the virus: computer boot mute, performance for the start of no system sound, viewing audio is tuned to the minimum, can not play sound, even if the tune over, after a few minutes and automatically mute.If the virus, the solution is to kill the virus, can be in safe mode for the killing of the virus, if not resolved, then reinstall the system.

  4, the service is not running: This should be easy to ignore the problem, that is, turn off the audio service. Of course, it may not be an intentional shutdown, but in the boot optimization when to prohibit, so the result is that the boot does not start audio services, so the computer has no sound. The solution is very simple, let the boot up audio service.

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  The way to do this is to right-click on My Computer, click Manage, Find service options, double-click Enter, find the Windows Audio option to see if it's turned on, and if not, turn it on and set it to Automatic.

  5, interface problems: whether using headphones or audio, you need to connect through the fixed interface, if the connection interface is bad or damaged will cause the computer does not sound, if it is a desktop, you can change the interface to try whether there is a sound, if it is a notebook, You can unplug the headset or the stereo to see if there is a sound if you can determine the interface damage caused.

  The solution is very simple, replace the interface can be, if it is a notebook may be a bit of trouble, a lot of only one interface, if the damage can not use the stereo or headphones, if you want to use audio or headphones to listen to the sound, it is only to find someone to replace the interface

  6, Headphones problem: If you are using headphones to listen to the sound of the situation, there is no sound first to change the interface to try, if there is no sound, you can change headphones to see if another headset has a sound, it turns out that the headset is broken. The solution is simple: replace the headset.

  7, Audio problems: If the use of sound to listen to the voice, when there is no sound when the first to eliminate the interface problem, to ensure that the interface is no problem, it is likely to be a problem with the stereo, can be replaced by headphones to see if there is a sound, if any, then the problem of The solution is very simple, is to replace the stereo can be.

  8, sound card problem: This is not good judgment, to ensure that is not the problem, then it may be the sound card itself. The specific is the sound card damage also needs the professional repair personnel to judge, it is, then only then replaces the sound card to solve the problem.

  9, the connection line problem: Confirm that the computer sound output connection line is normal to the LED display screen amplifier, and the power amplifier to the sound of the connection line is normal.

  10, again confirm the computer sound card and other devices have no conflict with the sound card.

  11, video format and the LED display screen are not compatible: the LED display screen on the playback software needs to switch to the default clearest format, which does not support all the playback format. It is also possible that the LED display screen software does not support this decoding format. It is best to change a few more formats to debug, in the clearest format.

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