What is the relationship between LED display and video processor?

Mar 25,2021| LED Knowledge

  LED display screen, video processor of the fit and unfit quality directly affects the LED display screen display LED display screen, video processor is the LED display dedicated video processor LED display video processor need to complete the task is to come from outside (such as computer high-definition blu-ray DVD playback boxes, etc.) of the image signal into the LED display would be acceptable to the signal The following will introduce you more about the relationship between LED display screen and video processor.

LED display with video processor

  The video processor of LED display screen mainly displays the following aspects:

  1. Screen zooming

  LED display screen display mode is point to point, which determines the LED display screen can only display in accordance with their own physical resolution size picture of LED display video processor can image scaling, the image in any size output to complete the entire desktop mapping to the LED display screen is used in the process of the LED display video processor makes both resolution increases or decreases, and can make the complete image is shown on the screen.

  2. The resolution specs

  In general, the image signal source (such as computer high-definition blu-ray DVD playback boxes, etc.) of signal resolution has fixed specifications, and LED display screen, according to the modular splicing makes its resolution almost can be any numerical video processor converts all kinds of signal resolution to display physical display resolution.

  3. Signal conversion and switching

  LED display video processing equipment can complete the format conversion of many signals between the LED display video processor another important function is in the multiple signal access at the same time, the various signals management, so that it can be flexible in the signal between the fast switch.

  4. The image quality improvement

  The LED display own pixel pitch than some other flat-panel display medium, therefore, for the image enhancement technology of image processing technology has a higher standard of high quality LED display screen video processor can use advanced algorithm by modifying the poor quality of the image signal, and execution to interlaced Edge sharpening motion compensation and a series of operations, so as to enhance the detail of the image, improve image quality.

  5. The joining together of LED display.

  The full-color LED screen space becomes smaller point, overall dimensions are huge, this made the physical LED large screen resolution become larger Because the LED display video processor have stitching function, to drive big screen resolution, which makes use of LED display video processor become one of the most competitive drive mode.

  6.Multi-screen processing

  In order to display multiple images of the same or different signals on the display screen of many special scenes, it requires a video processor with multi-screen processing function, which can flexibly meet the display requirements of users.

  7. Bit depth increased

  With the advent of the era of HD display, the application of 10 bit or even 12 bit processing technology in the video processor is the development trend.

  8. Color space conversion

  LED display has a wide color gamut, while most image signals have a small color space. Through color space conversion, LED display can have a better image display effect.

LED display with video processor

  As LED display technology level and the level of integration is higher and higher, the IC image processing control system combined with closer has become the trend of The Times, the dividing line between three function has also been gradually blurred And from the point of function control cost and efficiency, IC control system the mutual fusion of image processing is also the inevitable current, guide consumers' consumption psychology has become each big LED enterprises eager pursuit of fusion of a fuse Consumers want to buy functional diversity Low prices and convenient products, and the amalgamation of the IC control system based on image processing suit the demand of consumers.

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