The LED displays sold in Macao are more competitive than those sold by enterprises in Shenzhen?

Apr 27,2021| LED Knowledge

The development market of LED display in Macao is more restricted, and there are no more preferential policies and greater freedom in Shenzhen, which is the window of development.

Due to the gradual liberalization of policies in recent years, the development of LED display screens in various places has witnessed a momentum of rapid development. However, due to the poor technical level, the loss of talents and the lack of development motivation, many problems of LED display screens cannot be better solved, resulting in a low market share.

The following will take Macao as an example to compare Macao LED display enterprises and Shenzhen LED display enterprises.

LED displays sold in Shenzhen are more competitive

Macau LED display main development problems:

1. Patchwork problem LCD and PDP have patchwork problem,DLP is slightly better, projection fusion can be properly handled when the patchwork area;

2. The display effect from the gray contrast brightness refresh rate and other indicators,DLP back projection and projection and fusion technology display effect is the worst (determined by the physical properties of the projection is the worst),LCD display effect is better, but after a long time of use, due to brightness attenuation and dark edge.

In addition, there will be differences in brightness and color between screens, and human eyes are very sensitive to differences;

LED display technology gray contrast refresh rate and other indicators are very good, can also be easily solved by point correction light decay problem, but the biggest problem lies in 2 points:

①Dead light: The standard of outdoor LED display's dead light rate is generally 1/10000 to 3/10000, but the standard of LED with small spacing needs to be greatly improved;

②The contradiction between brightness and gray scale: one of the most significant differences between indoor and outdoor applications is the change of ambient light. When the LED display screen is used outdoors, the intensity of sunlight is very high during the day. The higher the brightness of the display screen, the higher the technical specifications of the display screen.

LED display as a self-luminous display, different from passive light, human eyes are more sensitive, so a lower brightness is needed for human eyes to be comfortable.

3. Resolution DLP LCD has a high resolution. The resolution of a single display unit of 60 inches can reach 2K HD, while the small spacing LED display technology is lower than other technologies because the pixel points are composed of lamp beads under the premise of controllable cost.

After the small-spacing LED display screen enters the indoor application, the downstream application field expands rapidly, such as the command control monitoring and other fields, often need the display screen to match the standard resolution signal output by each subsystem, but within the specified size, the standard LED display box may not be able to splinter the required standard resolution;

4.Cost.In all indoor large screen display solutions, the lowest cost is LCD splicing, projection and fusion, followed by PDP splicing. At present, compared with DLP back-projection splicing, it is difficult to tell which is higher or lower. Due to different point spacing specifications of small spacing LED display, the cost difference is large, and the current P1.9.

The price per square meter of the display screen is comparable to that of DLP rear-projection splicing, but considering the difference in gross profit margin, the cost is even higher than that of DLP splicing products. For industry users who are economical first, small-spacing LED may not be the first choice under the premise of meeting the application needs and considering the comprehensive cost performance.

LED displays sold in Shenzhen are more competitive

As LED display manufacturers in Shenzhen can get more convenient conditions to improve their own technology, so the quality of LED display manufacturers in Shenzhen is better and the market share is higher

To Shenzhen JYLED Technology Co.,Ltd., for example, in the early development of timely grasp the policy advantages of the market, improve the production of LED display technology ability, accumulate experience, in the process of the development of the introduction of more types of LED display, and the price is more close to the people, the quality is withstand test, therefore, as a prominent representative of shenzhen LED display,

Shenzhen JYLED Technology Co.,Ltd. has the ability and experience to meet the various needs of customers.

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