What the common problems of LED electronic display control software?

Mar 17,2021| LED Knowledge

  LED display control software is dedicated to displaying control software, LED display control software is divided into single and double color display control software full-color screen control software.

  Wireless communication control software and special-shaped screen control software system, which is aimed at different types of display screen developed by different types of control systems, most companies have the power of conventional LED electronic display control system development in the development of LED electronic display control software system, at the same time for different use function requirement, design of the interface and simple operation degree is different, generally in delivery when using the manufacturer will display on LED electronic display control software system for conventional simple operation steps, to satisfy the users to deal with a daily operation such as editing.

P4 LED electronic large screen

  LED electronic display control system is controlled following user requirements of LED large screen display system correctly, according to the way of network divided into two categories: networking and stand-alone version Network version is also called LED information release control system, can control all the LED by the cloud system terminal stand-alone version is also known as LED display controller and the LED display control card, it is the core component of LED display, is mainly responsible for the external video input signal or on-board multimedia files into digital signal LED large screen is easy to identify, to light up the LED large screen devices

  The following will describe in detail the basic knowledge of LED electronic display Control software and its common problems:

  1. LED electronic display control system classification:

  According to the way of display, the LED display system is divided into three categories: graphic display system;

  Video display system.

  According to the control mode of LED electronic display system is divided into two categories: communication display system;

  The real-time mapping screen system.

  According to the way of communication, the LED electronic display system is divided into four categories:

  Wired communication;

  Wireless communication mode;

  Asynchronous control;

  Synchronization control.

  2. LED electronic display control software types: Flight control electronic display editing software; lyrebird; LedshowTW; LedPro; LedArtist;ledcontrolsystemZH;2.EQ card; XShow graphic editor; LED display program editing software.

  3. Common problems of LED electronic display control so

  4. software:

  Energy conservation: energy consumption of white light LED is usually 2/15 of incandescent lamp, energy-saving lamp 1/5.

  Longevity: life can reach more than 150000 hours, compared with the ordinary household lighting work state of high speed, energy-saving lamps in the frequent start or frequent shut off the filament will accelerate cause black broken rate.

  Solid-state encapsulation: belongs to cold light source type So it is very easy to transport and install, can be in any tiny and closed equipment, not afraid of vibration, less consider the heat dissipation.

  Energy-saving effect: using high-power full-color LED electronic display light source, with high-efficiency power performance, would save 90% than traditional incandescent light bulbs, energy-saving, under the same power is 10 times in the past In the light distribution technology extends the LED point light source for the surface light source, thus can greatly increase the shiny surface, accelerate the visual effect, avoid visual fatigue.

P4 LED electronic large screen

  Environmental protection: LED display does

  not contain mercury and other harmful substances LED bulb assembly parts can also be quickly and easily tear open outfit, no LED display manufacturers recycling. Other high power LED encapsulation, plane cluster and the radiator and lamp holder is the integration of design, fully guarantee the LED heat dissipation requirements and also can get larger extend service life LED lens and the integrated design of the lampshade, the lens can have concentrated and protection at the same time, avoid the repetition and waste of light, let the product in the case of time save electricity more concise and beautiful.

  If the following problems occur, it is generally a problem with the control system of the LED display screen. This situation is usually seen in the connection of the data line and the control software problems. Specific situations and solutions are as follows:

  1. The whole screen picture shaking or double: first check the communication line between the computer and the large screen and replug or replace the communication line;

  Secondly, check the DVT line of the multimedia card and the sending card and reinforce the DVI line;

  Also, see whether the sending card is damaged, if the sending card is broken, replace the sending card.

  1. The whole screen is not bright or checkered:

  The control host is not opened, open the host;

  The communication line is not plugged in, plug in the communication line;

  Whether the sending card has been inserted, the sending card is reinserted;

  Whether the data lines between the multimedia card, the acquisition card and the sending card are connected well, and whether the data lines between many media cards and the acquisition card and the sending card are connected well;

  Receiving card JP1 or JP2 switch position is wrong, adjust JP1, JP2 open position.

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