What are the characteristics of LED flexible screen and how to install it?

Mar 15,2021| LED Knowledge

  Flexible LED screen is also called the flexible LED display, is made of soft LED module, belongs to the classification of creative special-shaped LED display LED flexible screen adopts flexible PCB and the silicone pan suite that can bend, can be used as a cylindrical screen, wave screens, ribbons screen, curved screen display cases as flexible LED screen overall performance is relatively thin, the compared with the traditional LED display, the installation is more convenient, and because of its flexible characteristics, so its flexibility strong, according to the need to splice into arc screen, make it shine in the field of creative abnormal screen.Because the LED flexible screen can be spliced into curved screen, cylindrical surface and other shapes of the display screen, so greatly enriched and improved the form of special-shaped screen, so that it is suitable for the production of a variety of artistic modeling, for the creative display of LED display provides an important display element.The detailed introduction of LED flexible screen is as follows:

New year round flexible LED display

  LED flexible screen product features:

  1 、soft module, unique model selection, easy installation;

  2 、The mask is made of silicone resin, flat and without color difference;

  3 、strong flexibility, can be made into any shape according to the need;

  4、when the shape of cylinder is formed, the signal line and power line between the box body of image is smooth and beautiful, which adopts fast connector, easy to install, and can be used with professional audio and video processing system;

  5 、the product support a variety of signal input, such as DP, YPbPr, HDMI, DVI, VGA, SDI, H - SDI, etc.;

  6 、can be applied to a variety of installation methods, such as lifting, surface installation, etc.;

  7 、standard interface definition, support a variety of control card drivers.

Ceiling mounted flexible LED display

  Application scenarios of LED flexible screen:

  1、 large hotels: cylindrical LED flexible screen can decorate the effect of the hotel in the function, it can be used as advertising display, LED large clock screen, LED interest rate screen and other hotels can also promote their own features of products and services to attract more customers;World clock can also be placed on the cylindrical led screen, and can be all-round accurate comprehensive display global currencies, convenient information query the currency exchange, international friends.

  2、 commercial supermarket large commercial supermarkets stream of people gathered in public places: in general, large shopping mall will have a large bearing beam of the building, they not only boring but also a waste of space occupied flexible led screens used in these areas, in dealing with the influence of pillar at the same time, it can realize the discount, discount promotions and new products listed the commercial promotion purpose of.

  3、 places of entertainment, places of entertainment exquisite sound light.With the combination of shadow effect,LED flexible screen can be made according to the shape of LED bar screen wavy LED screen, fan LED display, water shaped LED floor tile screen and other products not only make full use of the site, but also combine sound, light and shadow to show a more shocking effect.

Led spherical screen

  LED flexible screen manufacturer installation process:

  1. installation of the aluminum profile assembly, the display panel according to from the bottom up from the right to the left of the sequence of installation, unit plate height by the four corners of the disk nut can be adjusted;

  2. Install the switching power supply, the power supply is fixed to the appropriate position inside the profile, the power supply is generally placed on the profile below the display screen, the 5V power cord of the switching power supply is connected to the power socket of the unit board, pay attention to the positive and negative polarity of the power supply can not be reversed;

  3. LED display receiver card installation: in the LED display frame on the right side of the appropriate position to install the receiving card, and connect the power supply

  and the signal line between the receiving card and the unit board, according to the sequence from right to left, the unit board with the display with the row wire connection;

  4. After the LED display display card and sending card installation: according to the corresponding socket to install the LED display card and sending card, and screws fixed, between the display card and sending card with flat wire connection to insert the video card driver CD into the optical drive, into the automatic installation state, please follow the prompts to operate.

  Flexible LED screen adopts frame type design Tear open outfit is convenient and reliable, easy to maintain flexible LED screen can be applied to various large entertainment facilities and large events, and flexible LED screen is customized products, is generally in accordance with the customer to provide the LED large screen size So you need to the production of a certain time, but the full-color display unit (board) power control unit module CARDS are a spot.

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