What are the performance indicators of the LED full-color display?

May 10,2021| LED Knowledge

Color, brightness and viewing angle

With the combination of diode system and semiconductor, its production materials and manufacturing processes are gradually upgraded, breaking the original brightness and color limitations, and a large number of blue diodes and pure green light-emitting diodes are used to enhance the brightness of the display. 


Furthermore, the advantages of LED display screens in outdoor environments are improved, which can adapt to different display requirements and enhance the effective value of LEDs in different environments. The evaluation of LED display performance must be the result of comprehensive consideration because its related performance indicators are closely related, and indicators such as brightness, viewing angle, and resolution affect each other. Currently, surface mount LED devices are used in high-density, full-color indoor displays to improve the viewing angle and brightness performance of the display.


The gray level of the LED display screen is mainly used to evaluate its color reality. By judging the brightness level from the darkest single primary color to the brightest, the gray level is used as the standard to evaluate the display color of the display screen. When the gray level is high, the display is rich and gorgeous; when the gray level is low, the color change is single. Therefore, the improvement of the gray level is beneficial to increase the color display level of the image and contribute to the improvement of the color depth.


The contrast of the display screen affects the visual imaging effect. High contrast improves the image clarity, bright colors, and effectively improves the image quality of the details, clarity, and gray level. In addition, the contrast also has a certain impact on the resolution and conversion of the dynamic video. The high contrast can make it easier for the naked eye to distinguish the light-dark conversion process in the dynamic image.

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