What are the advantages of LED large screen in security monitoring system?

Mar 15,2021| LED Knowledge

  LED large screen as a display of high-end products on the market, the safety of the electrical energy and other fields for traffic safety monitoring provide a solution, can satisfy multiple industry demand for surveillance footage and application field From the aspects of safety monitoring of the long-term development perspective, the LED large screen manufacturers of safety monitoring dispatching automation digital information resources integration and the center control management, and other functions for safety monitoring provides a new development path Security monitoring center due to the monitoring area.

LED large screen in security monitoring system

  The particularity of monitoring object, on the video resolution and accuracy requirements are very strict, so the product has great demands on the brightness and resolution The current LED large screen manufacturers of basic resolution can reach more than 1080 p, have been able to meet the requirements of monitoring video resolution, Therefore, in the security monitoring system, choose to use the LED screen is a wise choice The following will introduce you to the advantages of LED large screen in the security monitoring system, hope can answer for you:

LED large screen in security monitoring system

  First, the area of the led large screen can directly customize according to user requirements, small to a square meter of less than, big to hundreds of square meters, all can be customized according to customer demand, can better realize the expectations of customers, to achieve the expected goal.

  Second, the LED large screen is mainly composed of a light-emitting diode array, it adopts low voltage scanning drive, less consumption of energy conservation and environmental protection at the same time also can prolong the service life of the LED display compared with LCD, the power consumption of the LED brightness in visual Angle and refresh rate, etc., are more obvious advantages. Organic LED display individual elements of the reaction speed hundreds of times higher than the other screen, even if the light in the outdoor environment, does not affect the viewing effect, also can adapt to all kinds of high and low temperature, and higher refresh rate makes LED has better performance in the video, can also provide wide double 170's point of view.

LED large screen in security monitoring system

  Finally, the current, the front end of the acquisition device on the market, generally including D1 720 p, 1080 p format video signal, so as the back-end signal output products is very strict with all kinds of the resolution, and LED large screen can show not only all kinds of digital text. Color image and animation information can also play TV videos, VCD, DVD, and other color video signals, multiple display screens can also be networked to broadcast the LED large screen display system.

LED large screen in security monitoring system

  What are the requirements for the LED large screen display system in the field of security?

  As is known to all, the control room to display the rich and complex signals, digital signals than the video signal, puts forward almost stringent requirements on products and technologies, such as high resolution, according to the refinement of low light situations high gray level reduction showed high refresh rate, high consistency and uniformity of low noise low heat dissipation, etc., even for a long time continuous watch comfort are high demands are put forward.

  Control the market as the LED display screen's high-end market, the market is not only can provide excellent products, also have stringent requirements on the whole application, need the LED large screen manufacturers to provide customized control room for different types of customers Command center scheduling solution, with complete sets of systems, the suitable scheme of complete appear in front of the user Due to the performance and has many advantages, the LED large screen from entering the market, in the security monitoring system, and in the security monitoring system, the big-screen role also is reckoned.

  The working performance of LED large screen plays a crucial role in whether the whole security monitoring system can play its role. The power of LED large screen manufacturers makes the security monitoring market usher in a new development climax, leading the new trend of the development of the whole industry. The security monitoring system structures, it is a science, especially a back-end display device, it as terminal output equipment, security monitoring system is the core of the whole system equipment, be sure to choose a good LED display on the area of functional performance advantage is very obvious, the seamless Mosaic excellent display screen, low power consumption The characteristics of the visual Angle is large, is the back-end display device of choice.

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