What are the maintenance skills of LED large screen?

Mar 15,2021| LED Knowledge

  LED display in use process, will inevitably fail, in the event of failure will not be able to work normally, which affects the efficiency of the enterprise, the LED large screen regular maintenance will be reduced greatly because of the loss caused by fault LED display is a piece of LED modules patchwork Said in front of the LED display is electronic products, so it is the basic structure of the display surface (light side) PCB (printed circuit board) control surface (surface) IC components when it comes to maintenance tips of LED display,said the common faults are: local death lamp the caterpillar、local color block missing local black screen large area black screen local garbled code and so on, so how to repair these common glitches? Prepare maintenance tools LED display bunkers to have five things: the tweezers heat gun iron multimeter test card other auxiliary materials are; solder paste (tin) to promote solder wire line glue, etc. For LED large screen possible failure, our company will make for you the following comprehensive thinking:

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  there where there are many problems:

  1.Interface problem. If the computer information cannot be displayed, try checking the cable.

  2. Power supply problem. The LED display is the uses of low voltage large current power supply, and the ordinary DC power supply is not very different.

  3. The driver problem is not displayed in each row or column. That is the corresponding driver circuit (chip) problem. Replacement can solve the problem.

  4. Display problems Long-term use of an LED display may damage aging, need to be repaired and replaced.

P3 LED large screen

  LED large screen maintenance of common fault are:

  1.a local death of LED large screen repair light problem local death light refers to the light of the LED display has not one or a few lights on, can be divided into all not bright and part of the color is not bright, generally, this is light itself is a problem, or be affected with damp, or RGB chip damage, maintenance is simple, standby LED lamp bead on the box factory, the tools used by a forceps heat gun, put on standby LED lamp bead, need test card to test it again, no problem has been repaired.

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  2. Caterpillar problem of LED large screen repair caterpillar is a metaphor, refers to the LED display screen under the condition of electricity without an input source, some light surface appears a strip of dark light of the phenomenon, and redder, the root cause is internal chip lamp leakage or the IC surface pipe behind the short circuit, the former is most commonly appear this kind of circumstance, we can use the hot air gun along with the leakage of the discoloration of the caterpillar. Blow hot air, when the blow to the problem that lamp, generally concerning OK, because the heat makes the internal leakage of the chip connection peng opened, but there are still hidden trouble, we only need to find the leakage of the LED lamp bead, according to the above said method, replace the hazard lamp bead If on the surface of the IC manager behind the short circuit, it needs to use a multimeter measure the relevant IC pins circuit, put on a new IC.

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  3. LED large screen maintenance of local color block missing this fault is the most common, that is, when the LED display screen is playing normally, there is a small square of different color block and is square, this problem is generally behind the control of the color block IC burned, the way to deal with is to change a new IC.

P3 LED large screen

  4.Local black screen and large area black screen refers to when the LED display is playing normally, one or more LED modules to show the whole area is not a bright phenomenon, a few LED module area is not bright we call local black screen, more areas are not bright called large area black screen. Appear this kind of phenomenon, the general first consider the power factor, trying to identify whether the LED power light work normally, if the LED power light not bright for the power supply is damaged, change a new corresponding to the power supply is also should be trying to identify the black screen if the power cord to loosen the corresponding LED module, a lot of times to wring thread can also solve the problem of this kind of black screen.

  5. Five LED large screen repair locally garbled This kind of failure is more complex, it refers to the LED display play local area appear messy phenomena may randomly flashing colors without rules, to solve such problems generally first screening line connection problem, you can check whether a discharge line burns, whether the cable is loose, and so on Maintenance practices silk material found in aluminum and magnesium ribbon cable is easy to burn out, and longer life of pure copper platoon line. If you examine the whole signal connection is no problem, then discuss the problem of the LED module and the adjacent normal playback module, basic can determine whether is probably play anomaly area corresponding to the LED module damage, damage to the cause of IC problem, maintenance will be more complicated to deal with, need to consult professional LED large screen maintenance personnel.

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