What is the LED special-shaped display?

Apr 28,2021| LED Knowledge

LED special-shaped display screen refers to the LED display screen that is customized and designed according to this shape in order to meet the needs of various shapes and applications. A large-size LED display is composed of many single LED displays. A single LED display is composed of a cabinet and multiple display modules. The cabinet can be customized according to requirements, and the size of the modules is also various, so that it is easier to customize according to different scene requirements LED display. For example, the "door" type LED display that was built for the Poly Longmen real estate a while ago belongs to the special-shaped LED display.

LED special shaped display

Among all LED display modules, flexible LED displays are easier to make into LED special-shaped displays. The flexible LED display screen can withstand greater bending, and has a variety of installation methods, which can better meet individual design. For example, the HI series flexible LED display module developed and produced by Huamei Jucai has a pixel pitch of 1.667mm, 1.86mm, 1.875mm, 2.0mm, 2.5mm, and the average power consumption is 60W/m² except for P2.5. The power consumption of the four models is 25W-30W/m², and one square meter is only equivalent to the power consumption of a light bulb. The HI flexible LED display module is light, thin, and flexible, and can be bent at will. The light source is high-quality anti-glare black LED light, the picture display quality is good, and the product runs stably.

Flexible led module

With the continuous development of the modern economy, people’s individual needs for LED displays are getting higher and higher, and there is also an increasing demand for LED displays of various shapes, such as cube screens used in bars and shopping malls. Hanging screens, spherical screens, etc., these are the applications of LED special-shaped displays.

Special-shaped LED display has a variety of installation methods, such as floor-standing, hanging, embedded, hoisting, etc. Different installation methods show different display effects. And now many indoor places also need to be applied to special-shaped LED displays, such as museums, science and technology museums, planning halls, archives, memorial halls, local history halls, party history halls, intangible cultural heritage halls, red cultural halls, corporate exhibition centers, visitor centers, Featured towns, global exhibitions, large-scale exhibitions, cultural and art festivals, transnational curation, cultural IP industry, multi-functional conference halls, etc. It can be seen that the market demand for special-shaped LED displays will increase with the expansion of users' personalized needs.

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