How much does the LED transparent display project cost?

May 26,2021| LED Knowledge

Friends who want to buy a transparent LED display will definitely ask for a quotation plan for the transparent LED display as a reference to check whether the budget is overspend. With many years of experience, we will introduce you the various expenses included in the LED display quotation in detail below to help you have an intuitive and clear understanding when purchasing LED displays.

1. The cost of the display screen: Generally, it is calculated by how much money per square meter, that is, the common LED display price is xxx yuan/m2, and the price will be different if the display model and materials are different. The quotation of the screen body includes a complete set of LED color screen requirements: die, module circuit board, IC driver chip, module power supply, steel box and plastic mask, as well as all cables and connecting wires inside the display. Generally, the quotation is tax-included. This may be different. Please ask for details when consulting.

transparent LED display

2. The cost of the control system: the cost of the sending card and the receiving card of the display screen. Generally, only one sending card is required for one screen, which is installed in the host computer, and the number of receiving cards is many. The use of the control card is mainly based on the size of the display screen to determine the number. Generally speaking, the larger the area and the higher the density of the display screen, the more the number of receiving cards used.

3. Control the computer: the necessary equipment for controlling the LED display. The configuration requirements or higher are required: dual-core CPU, 2G memory, 512M or more independent graphics card, and the motherboard must have a PCI slot.

4. Audio + Amplifier: A device that allows the display to synchronize video playback with sound. Generally, it is equipped with 1 amplifier and 2 speakers.

5. Power distribution cabinet: small-area LED display screen can be omitted; it is recommended that the maximum power consumption is above 10KW for display equipment, which can provide stable voltage, power and current for the operation of various devices of Maipu Guangcai display equipment, effectively preventing the display from supplying Faults such as the power switch tripping box.

6. Air conditioning: cooling equipment, outdoor LED display above 20m2 must be equipped with air conditioning by the manufacturer to ensure the normal operation of the screen and prolong the service life of the components of the display. Generally, indoor screens or small-area displays are not necessary; for large-area indoor displays, it is strongly recommended to be equipped with wall-mounted air conditioners to effectively cool down, to ensure normal operation of the display at high temperatures and reduce failure rates.

transparent LED display

7. Multi-function card: for outdoor display, the main function is to intelligently adjust the brightness, temperature and other values of the Maipu brilliant LED full-color display in a period of time, intelligently adjust to achieve energy saving and power saving, and extend the life of the led display; indoor display Can not be used.

8. Lightning arrester: used for outdoor LED display, mainly lightning protection device; indoor display can not be used.

9. Video capture card: TV card, a small card, installed in the computer, with corresponding driver software, which can make the display screen play cable TV channel programs synchronously. Users can purchase by themselves whether they need to be used or not. The price is not expensive.

10. LED video processor: mainly to improve the overall display effect and functional application of the large screen, and to fully tap the value of the display screen. Solve the problems of various video signal access, processing and display, and can complete the format conversion problem among many signal formats. There are many brands and models of LED video processors with different prices.

transparent LED display

11. LED playback software: including computer system software, LED video playback software, etc. They are generally provided free of charge.

12. Steel structure, manual installation: The bracket used to fix the Maipu brilliant display screen is generally made of steel frame structure, and aluminum-plastic panel or stainless steel edging material. Including manual installation costs (recommendation: the steel frame structure design drawings can be provided by the manufacturer free of charge, and the customer can find the local manufacturer to make it. The production is simple and can be completed by ordinary workers, with low cost and easy installation).

13. Freight: Depending on the delivery distance budget, I believe that the majority of customers are still acceptable. The customer can also be responsible for the cost, and the actual report is enough.

14. Technician's cost: When the display is shipped to the customer, the company sends 1-2 technical engineers to assist in the installation and technical commissioning. There are mainly room and board expenses and round-trip travel expenses for technical engineers.

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