What problems the outdoor full color LED display should pay attention to?

Mar 19,2021| LED Knowledge

  Relative to the indoor LED screen, outdoor full-color LED display should have higher resolution indicators, in order to meet all kinds of long distance or high ambient light conditions manifest display effect of traditional liquid crystal device resolution can reach 1024, 768, and according to the actual test data, the resolution of the outdoor application to show equipment needs to at least 1920, 1200, before the sun appeared under the influence of normal outdoor environment changing, in order to make outdoor LED display adaptive clutter environment, in addition to the resolution, LED display security lightning protection riot against reflection of water-proof and dust-proof.

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  Anti-electromagnetic interference and so on are the digital notice system from indoor to outdoor to think about and solve the problem then outdoor full-color LED display in addition to high resolution also need.

  Advantages of outdoor full-color LED display:

  1. More flexible outdoor communication: the laying of outdoor digital network makes a new breakthrough in outdoor LED full-color display, which can realize the interaction of live broadcast screen. Multi-level links and other functions can meet the various needs of the audience, and make up for the monotony of outdoor media.

  2.Communication and interaction, infinite creativity: outdoor full-color LED display brightness is high Perspective is wide, the content simple modification, can bring more interactive experience to the user And outdoor full-color led display can be customized according to the infrared and other effects, in order to realize the human-computer interaction effect (touch screen).

  3. Transmission and achieve more screen integration: outdoor full-color led display with high quality display effect, can bring visual impact to the customer in the process of display, screen is bigger, the better the results, and led screen is pieced together, and multiple screen display with a picture, the effect will be even more shocked.

  4.Realism and timeliness and extensive coverage: Live broadcast combined with outdoor LED screens can be disseminate and display information in the first time, attract viewers and enhance brand appeal

  5.Time period, position, and control: outdoor LED display has strong mobility, and it is easy to modify the display content. People can display information on the remote control screen, or display the display of the controlled place in a split screen.

outdoor led screen product

  Outdoor full color LED display needs to pay attention to the problem:

  1. Waterproof and dustproof: in outdoor use, waterproof and dustproof is the first thing to face, the protection level of the display equipment casing must be waterproof, the general waterproof level should reach IP65, so that the full-color LED display can operate normally in heavy rain;

  In addition, dust is an important factor to reduce the efficiency of goods and accelerate the aging of goods. Outdoor display equipment should have specially designed dustproof structure and dustproof filter goods, then the dustproof grade should reach IP65

  2. Intelligent thermostat: full color LED display at run time with air convection radiation from the sun internal electronic components of three principal aspects, such as fever heat, according to different regional difference in temperature and equipment placed, full-color LED large screen is to determine the temperature control scheme, have a plenty of KongDiaoXing heat dissipation Some take type forced air cooling heat dissipation But no matter what the cooling scheme, goods generally meet the temperature for: - 30 to 55, humidity: 10% 90%.

  3. Riot to guard against theft: outdoor display devices commonly used in outdoor public places, public safety and the safety of the device itself are outdoor display to thinking on the problems of general outdoor display device can use special tempered laminated glass, even if the glass is broken, also can produce similar spider mesh finely crack, pieces of its strong adhesion on the middle tier, can avoid the glass drop caused personal injury or property loss In addition, the problem of guard against theft, should avoid screw exposed, and combining the anti-theft lock functions and the structure of the solid support, so as to solve security problems.

  4. Lightning protection: In order to make the full-color LED display screen play outdoors all day long, outdoor display equipment also needs to have reliable lightning protection electronic control design, which provides a safety guarantee for the equipment in thunderstorm days.

  5. To prevent reflection: the outdoor environment to make the full color LED display interface is clearly visible, the reflection is also a thinking to important aspect, if necessary by the special coating process of glass can be used, in order to improve the visual point of view and resolution of the screen, so as to reduce the reflective screen, improve the utilization rate of full-color LED display.

  6. To prevent electromagnetic disturbance: due to the uncontrollability of the outdoor environment, in order to make the outdoor display equipment anti-electromagnetic disturbance function becomes very important, the internal electrical parts of the equipment can be shielded, which can effectively prevent internal devices and cables from disturbing the signal, but also prevent external electromagnetic interference of LED goods.

  7. Pay attention to the visibility of the display: in order to ensure long distance visibility in the case of intense ambient light, the use of ultra-high brightness LEDs is necessary.

  Display medium selection of new wide Angle of view tube, wide Angle of view, pure color, consistent coordination, life of more than 100,000 hours display medium packaging for the current most popular belt cover along the square cylinder, silicone seal, no metal decoration;

  Its appearance is exquisite and beautiful, durable, with direct sunlight, dustproof, waterproof, high temperature and short circuit prevention features.

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