What should we pay attention to when purchasing outdoor stage rental LED display screen?

Apr 02,2021| LED Knowledge

  Stage rental LED display is easy to install and maintain, can be carried out in a limited space before maintenance;Provide personalized solutions according to the actual needs of customers;Single box comes with power signal indicator light, easy to diagnose the fault quickly, so as to quickly repair;The box body is light, the screen is thin, the flatness is high, the handling is convenient, the transportation cost is low;From the application environment, indoor and outdoor LED display hardware and software requirements are greatly different, therefore, when buying outdoor stage rental LED display should depend on the specific situation. So, what should be paid attention to when buying outdoor stage rental LED display.

Outdoor stage rental LED display

  1. Color reducibility: the display color should be highly consistent with the color of the source to ensure the authenticity of the image.

  2 dead point: the dead point of outdoor stage LED rental display is the single point that is often bright or often black on the screen body now. The number of dead points is mainly determined by the quality of the tube core. The less dead points, the better the display effect.

  3. The splicing flatness: outdoor stage rental LED display cabinet as a unit for joining together into a larger, the box body surface roughness will remain within 1 mm, the face of local convex or concave will result in outdoor stage LED rental display the visual Angle of corner Flatness is good or bad is determined by the manufacturer production process, so we need factory strictly controls the, want to have serious production and testing standards.

  4. Display brightness: due to the outdoor light, refraction will happen the phenomenon of reflection, cause the contents of the screen display is not clear Therefore outdoor stage LED display screen brightness is higher, the lease shall be above 4000 CD /, different brands of products brightness also can have differences And indoor, to the contrary, high brightness is easy to damage visual brightness is too low will lead to display image is not clear, so the indoor brightness is in commonly 800 CD/CD / - 2000 range.

  5. Visual Angle: The visual Angle of outdoor stage LED rental display directly determines the size of the audience range. The larger the visual Angle, the better, and the audience range will be wider.

Outdoor stage rental LED display

  When using outdoor stage LED rental display, attention should also be paid to:

  1. When opening the screen: first open the control host, then open the screen;

  GuanBing GuanBing: when the first control host If to close the computer's not display screen, can cause the screen body appear high window, burning lamp switch screen every time more than 10 minutes Computers in engineering control software before opening the electricity.

  2 .LED rental screen in the process of running, the environment temperature is too high or the cooling conditions are bad, do not for a long time the tail;If the power switch of the display screen trips frequently, the screen body should be checked in time or the power switch should be replaced.Check the fastness of the connection regularly. If there is any looseness, adjust it in time, reinforce or update the device.According to the environmental conditions of the screen body control part of the outdoor stage LED rental display, in order to avoid insect bite, anti-rodent poison should be placed when necessary.

  Outdoor stage LED rental display screen is divided into indoor fixed installation and disassembling rental screen Outdoor stage LED rental display, can tear open outfit made of die-casting aluminum body, its price is fixed installation to expensive Outdoor LED display screen can be a leasing stage image segmentation for multiple video footage broadcast, display screen can be used independent combined with any combination play related background Big screen can be displayed partition according to the requirements of performance, and can be realized by the superposition of background images according to the same picture with video signal processor played or synthesis Can be shown to characterization To do text scrolling Or call waiting play.

  It can move the video screen horizontally, and it can also rise and fall to become the character video screen, lighting and beautifying the stage background and the stage floor to meet the user's other requirements through software design and system control.

  I hope the above content can help you understand the outdoor stage LED display.

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