What is the future trend of the P1.9 small-pitch LED display?

Apr 05,2021| LED Knowledge

  From the current and future development of LED display screens, the volume of LED components is getting smaller and smaller, and the corresponding IC hardware structure system intelligent management system is also beginning to develop.

  With the mature of LED light source technology, get a great, unique technical advantages such as low energy consumption, high life, zero flat-fell seam thin volume, conform to the energy-saving economic and social development trends such as ultra-high resolution, is becoming a new generation of mainstream benefit from the LED packaging components size is miniaturization, LED display point spacing is becoming more and more close, and the screen area is bigger and bigger, and have a show high density of fine Seamless splicing, etc. The trend of the development of the direction.

P1.9 indoor  small spacing LED display

  Nowadays P1.9 small spacing LED display products with advanced patent technology, has excellent display performance, ultra-thin, high precision, stable performance and strong adaptability etc, can be widely used in all kinds of indoor environment, including public controllable brightness, business hall, conference room, etc., give full consideration to the diversity of user application requirements.

  More on the P1.9 small-spacing LED display below.

  P1.9 small spacing LED display applications:

  Small spacing LED display products are mainly used in monitoring and command centers, broadcasting and television stations, advanced video conferencing, cinemas, shopping malls, hotels, stores and other places, replacing LCD splicing wall and DLP projection splicing products, and providing customers with high-quality display services in information communication, brand promotion, advertising effect and other aspects.

P1.9 indoor  small spacing LED display

  P1.9 small spacing LED display features advantages:

  1. Indoor large screen splicing subversive products to achieve standard resolution LED display panel.

  2. Golden ratio of 16:9, achieve standard resolution, point to point full HD display

  3. Fully die-cast aluminum structure, super light and thin, high stability.

  4. Magnetic suction unit module before maintenance, maintenance is convenient and quick.

  5. Low radiation, ultra-quiet, quieter use with stricter external electromagnetic interference standards.

  No fan silent design, more suitable for indoor applications.

  6.Wide color gamut, free adjustment of brightness and color temperature, can adapt to various places.

  7. Three-dimensional visual experience, whether live TV exhibition display or digital advertising, can incisively and vividly interpret the wonderful vision, let the audience enjoy extraordinary visual experience.

  8. Faster response speed and high refresh frequency. The repeated scanning times of the image on the screen by the electron beam. The higher the scanning times, the higher the refresh rate and the better the stability of the displayed image (picture).

  9.Color restoration is natural, using the internationally leading point-by-point correction technology, using the principle of LED lighting, complete retention of the authenticity of the image color, to avoid other display technology such as backlight projection material light path caused by color loss and deviation, to achieve a true sense of color reproduction.

  Problems faced by P1.9 small-spacing LED display:

  (1) Technically, how to eliminate molar lines, eliminate caterpillars, reduce dead light rate, and achieve low brightness, high gray and high brush;

  (2) How to further reduce the cost, bring down the price of the product, in order to achieve a wider range of applications, and to the civil field transition.

  P1.9 small spacing of LED display manufacturer of a new type of high density level LED LED new packaging packaging format is the product of IC with lights, modular, easy assembly efficiency is higher This new packaging format also can effectively improve the micro spacing LED heat dissipation problem, play an important role for the promotion of micro spacing LED display .

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