Where is there a P3 indoor full-color LED display brand manufacturer in Shenzhen?

Apr 25,2021| LED Knowledge

As a new medium, P3 full-color LED display has high brightness, wide viewing angle, strong dynamics, and bright colors, making it easier to attract attention. It has the good characteristics of energy saving, environmental protection, low voltage, impact resistance, and long service life; there are many changes in the style, and the content can be updated at any time.

P3 full-color LED display brand recommendation-Shenzhen JYLED Co., Ltd. specializes in the production of various types of indoor and outdoor LED displays, with a variety of specifications to choose from, which can meet customer requirements for different viewing distances and resolutions. Please customers according to their own The conditions and requirements, choose the right LED display

As the cost price continues to drop sharply and the display effect continues to improve, the small-pitch LED display shows an explosive growth trend. The LED display is currently developing in the direction of higher definition, more stable, more energy-saving, and longer life. P3 full-color The LED display is the core product representative of this development direction.

The pixel pitch of the P3 LED electronic screen is only 3mm, and the P3 full-color display has 111,111 pixels per square. The display effect can almost reach the TV effect (the viewing distance is outside 3M) , And as the P3 high-definition small-pitch LED display is more and more widely used, the production cost of the P3 LED display is gradually decreasing, which makes the P3 full-color surface mount display market sales price continue to fall.

Reasons for choosing JYLED:

1. Reasonable quotation budget

For real factory direct sales, the quotation is based on the price directly sold by the manufacturer to the buyer, shortening the distance between the manufacturer and the buyer.

2. Worry-free construction process

We have ten years of construction and installation experience, and a professional team provides a full set of technical solutions for LED displays.

3. Warranty for 2 years

We have advanced fully automatic machinery and equipment, and the highest level of production technology in the same industry.

4. After-sales service

All your concerns and questions will be dealt with by the company in a timely and efficient manner. What is urgent for you! Solve your worries!

5. Market changes

The market quotes are subject to change at any time, and we will update the latest market prices as soon as possible!

6. Standard quotation

You only need to report the size of the screen to us, and we will give you an agreed standard quotation.

7. Production process standard

Strictly in accordance with the ISO operation process, each display screen is passed the aging inspection and leaves the factory.

8. Target requirements standards

Good quality, good reputation, fine management, keep pace with the times! Build a professional production base for international standard LED display brands.

Shenzhen JYLED P3 full-color LED display service process:

1. Through the web form below, submit your following questions to us:

(1) Is your use environment indoor or outdoor.

(2) Your visual distance, about how many meters is it.

(3) How big is your preliminary plan size, length and height.

(4) Your installation location is in that province or city, district and township.

2. Arrange personnel to watch the scene or take pictures of the scene, or you can come to our company for inspection, mutual understanding and trust increase the foundation of trust for long-term cooperation. And choose the product that suits you and your budget total.

3. Make plans and quotes in text form, list specific brands, and purchase clearly.

4. Sign the contract and arrange the production with the deposit.

6. After the product is produced, the customer comes to the factory to inspect the goods and pay the balance, and then send the logistics to the local area, and arrange for personnel to install it.

7. Train one to two or more staff members, including the use of software, the maintenance and maintenance of the screen.

Shenzhen JYLED is a comprehensive high-tech enterprise specializing in the R&D, production, sales, engineering design and engineering services of LED optoelectronic products. The products produced and operated mainly include LED electronic displays, LED large screens, full-color LED displays, indoor and outdoor unit board modules, indoor and outdoor LED rental displays, etc.

"Not accepting bad things, not making bad things, and not passing bad things" is our business mission. "Pursue perfection, display individuality, establish good reputation, create customer-satisfied product quality with brand-new awareness, thinking, technology, methods and concepts; innovate technology, improve production technology, scientific management, strengthen operational harmony, tap potential, and fully mobilize enthusiasm , Pursue excellence and comprehensively improve production efficiency; products are based on quality, quality is based on technology, technology is based on people, people are based on ability, and ability is based on uninterrupted learning" is our business philosophy.

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