Can the P3.91 indoor led stage display be used in different places?

Apr 21,2021| LED Knowledge

P3.91 indoor LED stage display is a high-tech display device that has been widely used in recent years. It has the characteristics of high definition, stable quality, long service life and flexible display function, which is very suitable for text.

The video broadcast propaganda of graphics and multimedia programs occupies an irreplaceable position in the field of indoor and outdoor display. Moreover, due to the smooth surface display and uniform brightness of P3.91 indoor LED stage display, the display effect is clear and stable, and it is equipped with more than a dozen cyclic changes.

The P3.91 LED rental display can be used in different climate zones all over the world, and the temperature range is from -30 to 50. The box has good moisture resistance and corrosion resistance, so it can even be used in the air environment with high humidity and high salinity by the sea. Because of the above characteristics, therefore, P3.91 indoor LED stage display screen is often used in hotels, hotels, restaurants and other indoor display purposes.

P3.91 indoor LED stage display

(P3.91 Application of Indoor LED Stage Display.)

P3.91 Main components of indoor LED stage display:

1 screen price: the display price generally includes the box module power connection wire, etc. (the fixed installation of the display can be based on the actual situation without the box with bracket magnet adsorption);

2 control system: the receiving card is calculated according to the length and height of the screen, and the manufacturer will give an appropriate amount to ensure the display effect and cost (special requirements :LED display project can be controlled remotely or wirelessly according to the actual requirements);

3. Master computer: Generally, desktop computer, common laptop and external sending card are used in conjunction with the fixed installation;

4. LED display video processor: general fixed installation of small display if the information is not updated very frequently, when not doing live broadcast can not be used, but if it is a large display or to do live broadcast need to buy;

5. Power distribution cabinet: it is recommended that customers find professional manufacturers to buy, or by the manufacturers to buy;

6. Power amplifier and audio: according to the installation environment to buy, outdoor need waterproof, customers can buy their own, also can be provided by the producer;

7. Function card: can provide temperature, humidity, brightness and other parameters acquisition, can realize brightness automatic adjustment and other functions;

8. Steel frame structure: provide CAD reference design drawings, customers can be produced locally, also can be contracted by the manufacturer;

9. The main cable, etc. : mainly power electricity to the power distribution cabinet, power distribution cabinet to the screen cable, and is to control the computer to the main screen of the main communication line;

10. Logistics transportation: generally take logistics to pay.

Because P3.91 indoor LED stage display screen is often used for indoor display in hotels and restaurants, which is equivalent to the LED TV screen. It is also often used for the stage background LED screen, which is used for temporary stage construction and performance to enlivening the LED stage screen. The LED stage screen can be fixed by truss or day frame behind it, in order to facilitate carrying and transportation.

According to the site environment, it can be assembled according to any size. Generally, there are iron and aluminum boxes, and at the same time, there are also air boxes for packaging and transportation. Therefore,P3.91 indoor LED stage display can be used in a wide range of places, and P3.91 indoor LED stage display can be given priority when purchasing.

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