P4.81 rental led display Installation details (with pictures and pictures)

Jun 16,2021| LED Knowledge

Installation method and steps of the front maintenance of the stage rental indoor LED display screen

The installation method and steps of the front maintenance lease or indoor fixed LED display. Now the installation of full-color LED display, whether indoor or outdoor, is moving in the direction of "simplification". P4.81 front maintenance of the LED display can be done from the front Installation and disassembly are convenient for maintenance. The editor will give you a detailed introduction to the installation and disassembly steps of the maintenance module before P4.81.


One. First screw the magnets on the four corners of the P4.81 module respectively

Maintenance and installation steps before P4.81

P4.81's edge magnetic screw tightening

2. Insert the power cord and the cable respectively
Maintenance and installation steps 2 before P4.81

Plug in the wiring of P4.81 module

3. Align the magnet on the back of the module with the magnet hole on the box and install the first module
Maintenance and installation steps 3 before P4.81

Insert modules in order

4. Install the second module to the cabinet
Maintenance and installation steps 4 before P4.81

5. Install the third module to the cabinet
Maintenance and installation steps 5 before P4.81

6. Install the fourth module to the cabinet again, at this time one cabinet is installed
Step 6 of maintenance and installation before P4.81

7. When disassembling the module, put your hand on the module and gently pull out the module.
Demo of disassembly of the ED module

8. Remove the power cord of the module to complete the disassembly of the module.

Two. Detailed steps to install the LED display box:

1. When installing the LED display, start with the leftmost box in the bottom row.
LED display installation steps 1


2. Then install the second one until one row of cabinets is installed
LED display installation steps 2

3. By analogy, install the second row of cabinets
LED display installation steps 3

4. Install the third and fourth lines again...until the installation is complete
LED display installation steps 4

5. Install the third row, fourth row... cabinets again, until all cabinets are installed

6. After connecting all the wires, light up the screen

At this point, the installation steps of the module, cabinet and the whole screen have been explained. The P4.81 indoor front maintenance LED display can realize front and rear maintenance, which is convenient for subsequent maintenance and installation. The cabinet and the module are installed without tools. Easy to install

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