The difference between P5 indoor rental and fixed LED screen

Mar 10,2021| LED Knowledge

  In recent years, people increasingly like to use small-pitch LED screens indoors. For LED screens, the higher the pixel pitch, the clearer the picture quality and the more expensive the price. Due to the high price of small-pitch LED screens, in order to achieve a balance between cost and effect, P5 has become a popular pixel pitch.

P5 small-pitch LED screens

  The p5 indoor LED screen is mainly divided into two types: rental and fixed installation. The main characteristics of the P5 indoor LED rental screen are: it needs to be frequently moved, repeatedly disassembled and installed, so the product requirements are high, and the product shape design, structural design, and material selection are all emphasized. P5 indoor rental LED screen and fixed installation LED screen mainly have the following three differences:

  First, the P5 indoor LED fixed installation screens are installed in sequence, and there is a fixed sequence between the cabinet body and the cabinet body. If there is a deviation in the order of the cabinets, the content played on the P5 indoor LED screen will no longer be a whole. P5 indoor rental LED screen requires repeated installation, disassembly, and easy handling, and the cabinet can be placed in different locations as needed.

  Second, the P5 indoor LED rental screen requires strong resistance to slight bumps during transportation, and it is often transported in a certain size air cabinet. The P5 indoor LED fixed installation screen does not need to be disassembled and moved after installation. If there is a need for movement, a facility with wheels can be installed under the supporting structure.

P5 high resolution led display

  Third, because of the need for frequent transportation, the weight of the P5 indoor LED rental screen is relatively light, and die-cast aluminum is often used as the cabinet raw material. The cabinet design of the P5 indoor LED rental screen must be strong enough to withstand handling, otherwise it is easy to collide during the handling process and cause damage to the LED. Even a broken LED light will affect the overall effect. Because it does not need to be moved frequently, the P5 indoor fixed installation LED screen often uses iron as the raw material of the cabinet. Iron is heavy, but very strong, and can well protect the module and the control system in the cabinet.

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