Description of P6 outdoor led screen

Mar 04,2021| LED Knowledge

  P6 screen refers to an LED screen with a pixel pitch of 6mm. According to the use environment, it is divided into indoor P6LED screen and outdoor P6LED screen. Indoor screen screens often require clearer pictures, so small-pitch screens are more popular indoors and are more expensive. Because of its high dot density, the P6LED screen has better screen effects than P8 and P10, and is cheaper than P4 and P5. Compared with other models of screen screens, it is cost-effective and has become a popular outdoor product.

P6 outdoor led display screen

  Outdoor P6LED screens generally use SMD3535 lamp beads as raw materials. Considering the cost, some customers also choose to use SMD2727 lamp beads. The lamp beads are large, the brightness of the screen is high, and the price is more expensive. The above two are only different in brightness, and do not have much influence on other parameters of the whole screen. If the installation environment of the LED screen does not require high brightness, SMD2727 lamp beads are a good choice.


  For those who want to buy outdoor P6 LED screens, what they want to know most is the cost budget. The cost of purchasing and installing an outdoor P6LED screen is detailed as follows:

  1. Screen price: Mainly includes cabinet, module, power supply, wire, assembly fee, etc.

  2. Control system price: including sending card and receiving card, some customers also need Wifi module, 4G module and video processor.

  3. Control equipment: computer or mobile phone, generally need to be provided by the customer.

  4. Power distribution cabinet: Although the outdoor P6 LED screen is an energy-saving product, the LED screen screen is generally larger in area, so the power consumption is also very large. The power distribution cabinet is an indispensable power supply equipment.

  5. Audio equipment: The sound of the outdoor P6LED screen is output from the host computer, and it has no sound output function. So if the screen needs sound output, it must be equipped with audio equipment.

  6. Steel structure and edging: The engineering screen needs to take measures to fix the P6 outdoor LED screen, and the fixed facilities are generally welded by square pass. In order to better heat dissipation, outdoor P6 LED screen screens often adopt a simple waterproof box design: that is, there is no back cover at the back, and the screen body is breaded to achieve the effect of heat dissipation and waterproofing.

  7. Freight: The transportation cost of P6 outdoor LED screen from the manufacturer to the customer.

  8. Installation and commissioning fee: P6 outdoor LED screen manufacturers will generally send one or several technicians to the site to provide technical support, and customers also need to find some temporary workers locally.

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