What are the advantages of the SMD outdoor full color LED display?

Mar 26,2021| LED Knowledge

  With the development of urbanization and the change of urban life style, SMD outdoor full color LED display of the home has become a LED display medium that can effectively meet the consumer demand and meet the increasing visual needs of people. As a result, the label packaging products with more remarkable display effect are moving toward the outdoor type.

  At present, as the main components of LED display LED lamp light-emitting diodes (led), there are mainly two kinds of packaging mode, it is upright type 2 is patch type Generally speaking, upright type is mainly used in outdoor LED display screen, and SMD led used in indoor LED large screen into the encapsulation of LED display by means of potting, due to the relatively simple manufacturing process, lower cost, have higher market share.

  Upright type LED display size is larger, can use artificial plug-in or AI machine work, due to the direct plug-in the brightness of the LED display is high and easy to do waterproof processing, so generally used for outdoor LED display light source And patch type of LED display is posted on the board surface, suitable for reflow solder, SMT processing and can be well solved the luminance Angle flatness problem such as reliability, consistency, surface-mount LED display LED display products can be half the weight, finally the application of LED display is more perfect Patch LED displays are generally used indoors, but with technological breakthroughs, the brightness of patch LED displays has been greatly improved, and the waterproof treatment can also be well solved. Therefore, patch LED displays are more and more used in outdoor LED displays.

  So what is SMD outdoor full color LED display is better than the straight plug LED display?

  The following will explain in detail for you.

  1. Door appearance stick full-color LED display is a perspective broader:

  Door appearance stick full color LED display not only has over 110 degrees in the horizontal direction of wide Angle of view, has over 110 degrees in the vertical direction is wide Angle of view, this place has great advantages in some applications such as building screen, hanging in the sky screen needs a broader perspective to show the best advertising effectiveness.

  2. Door appearance stick better full-color LED display light distribution:

  Red, green and blue oval LED display from different angles of three kinds of brightness matching consistency is a highly difficult index, and full color SMD because design structure for the triad structure, all three red, green and blue chip in the bowl of a stent, red, green, blue three kinds of brightness in different angles the matching of consistency is highly consistent, this makes the door appearance stick full color LED display at any point of the brightness of the horse to consistency is very good, to achieve better effect of colour display.

  3. SMD outdoor full color LED display is better mixed light:

  Because the design structure is three-in-one, the three chips are very close to each other, and the light is mixed in the same bracket bowl instead of three separate elliptical LEDs, so the red, green and blue light mixing effect is better than the straight-in elliptical LED display, especially suitable for close viewing.

  4. SMD outdoor full color LED display has higher contrast:

  Due to the three-in-one design structure, the size of full color SMD is small, so the light area is small and the black area is large, which improves the contrast of the display.

  5. The automatic production level of SMD outdoor full color LED display is higher:

  The full-color LED display screen can be pasted on the exterior of the household to automate the pasting with the automatic pasting machine, which has high production efficiency. In addition, the automatic pasting production can also improve the vertical accuracy of SMD on the circuit board, overcoming the vertical accuracy problem of the straight-insert elliptical LED display screen on the circuit board, so as to better ensure the optical effect.

  6. The box with SMD outdoor full color LED display is lighter:

  The structure design of aluminum alloy material box makes it more light and beautiful and not easy to deform, easy to assemble and smooth, suitable for rental companies, car screen, mobile media use and column installation or wall installation to reduce the pressure of the screen body on the steel structure.

  7. SMD outdoor full color LED display can be dispensed with glue:

  Traditional outdoor LED display module, the colloid filling in weathered and gradually under the irradiation of ultraviolet ageing, colloid properties change after will be split off, lost protective layer makes the circuit board and LED, even after a long time to reach the waterproof effect after the heat from the cold, and glue can slip into the screen body, have a corrosion effect on PCB, affecting the service life of the whole screen and stability.

  SMD outdoor full color LED display of the house has a large view of light distribution and good color mixing effect, and the image is fine and medium in brightness, which is suitable for large-scale automatic production. Moreover, SMD outdoor full color LED display of the house has unsurpassable characteristics and advantages in terms of color restoration, color consistency, uniformity, perspective and overall effect of the picture, etc.

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