What is the role and classification of school LED advertising screen?

Mar 23,2021| LED Knowledge

  Technology computer information processing in one, with its bright colors Wide dynamic range High brightness The advantages of long life work stable and reliable, to become the most advantage of a new generation of display media At present, the LED display has been widely used in large square Commercial sports venues information dissemination news release of securities trading, etc., can satisfy the needs of different environment LED advertising screen is a semiconductor light emitting diode control through the display mode, used to display text graphics animation market video video signals such as all kinds of information of the display.

School LED advertising screen

  Why are LED advertising screens popular in schools?

  This is closely related to both its unique advantages and the special environment in which the school is located. Next, we will introduce the role of LED advertising screen in the school and its classification:

School LED advertising screen

  LED advertising screen in the role of the school?

  1.Help school information publish and display: LED advertising screen is mainly the application of information release in school School inform live action, etc, LED advertising screen can display different content arbitrarily according to the circumstance, can let the student leadership more intuitive More deeply understand the spread of the thought content, to the school in the school has played a very important role in information delivery.

  2. To enhance the publicity on school: most school propaganda is currently rely on hang a banner or print paper, and the traditional way of publicity is too single, and the effect of propaganda.On the contrary, due to the luminous effect of LED advertising screen, it makes it easier to attract people's attention. The screen display is also more flexible and rich in content, which is conducive to the school's propaganda efforts in strengthening the recruitment and personnel examination and other aspects, and can better show the school culture and strength.

  3.Stadium LED advertising screen, LED advertising screen application in sports stadiums need professional, due to the particularity of the professionalism of the sports venues and application, higher requirements for the LED advertising screen Because LED advertising screen in sports venues, the application of frequency is low, usually only the more important of big events or activities will be enabled, and once enabled is very intensive, very tall to the security requirements of LED advertising screen LED advertising screen in the stadium hall can real-time display event timing and scoring;In addition, the event should be able to be broadcast in real time.

  4.LED advertising screen library: this kind of LED advertising screen generally set up in the library on the first floor hall, used to display the floor distribution Lending guidelines Matters needing attention New book recommendation and introduction to the basic situation of the students more intuitive understanding of the library In text animation library LED advertising screen display way, static pictures to.

  5.Canteen LED advertising screen: mainly used for displaying the same day everyday The new push food service information content such as holiday greetings

  The canteen is usually a place where the flow of people is very concentrated. Some videos and images about frugality are played on the display screen of the canteen to improve the dining quality of students and advocate civilized dining.

  The school is crowded Students concentrated area, to protect the personal safety of students, is the responsibility of the school LED advertising screen was laid in the university, we must ensure the safety to ensure it has a good waterproof moistureproof prevent leakage of performance, especially the installation of LED advertising screen at the gym, because its are hanging put, must want to ensure the tightness and safety performance, to prevent the advertising screen fall accident In addition, LED advertising screen on fire are common security hidden danger, whether LED advertising screen manufacturers, or school, are responsible for LED advertising screen quality and security.

  The application of LED advertising screen in schools is becoming more and more popular, its good publicity effect and fast and convenient information transmission, has been favored by more and more schools, so setting up LED advertising screen in schools has become a trend and trend.

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