Shenzhen JYLED will participate in the 19th Shenzhen International LED Exhibition!

Apr 14,2021| LED Knowledge

Exhibition Name: The 19th Shenzhen International LED Exhibition (LED CHINA)

Exhibition time: April 14-16, 2021

Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian)

Shenzhen JYLED will participate in the 19th Shenzhen International LED Exhibition!

Exhibition Introduction

The epidemic is a catalyst for the market. While the industry is reshuffled quickly, it also promotes accelerated product updates. Recently, new technologies in the industry continue to emerge. Cutting-edge LED, audio-visual technology combined with commercial applications, the new visual effects are breathtaking.

As the industry's first exhibition of the year, this exhibition is a four-in-one "ecological industry chain" grand event integrating LED large-screen display, digital display, lighting and audio, audio and video collection.

The joint presentation of the LED exhibition and the audio and video integration exhibition will fully open up the vertical and horizontal LED industry and bring an ecological industry chain event that penetrates the terminal application market for the industry.

The 19th Shenzhen International LED Exhibition (LED CHINA) hosted by Wenxin Exhibition will be held in Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center from April 14-16, 2021. This exhibition invited the top 30 LED exhibitors with strong strength and good reputation in the LED industry, including: Lehman Optoelectronics, Panjing Zhizao, Shanghai Sansi, Shenzhen JYLED.

The 19th Shenzhen International LED Exhibition, 2021 International Audio and Video Smart Integration Exhibition, April 14-16 (Wednesday to Friday), Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian) sincerely invites you to come.

Shenzhen JYLED will participate in the 19th Shenzhen International LED Exhibition!

The new products on display cover eight major sectors:

LED display

■ LED advertising light source

■Commercial display

■ Digital ID

■Lighting and sound

■ Stage equipment

■Audio and video system integration

■ Conference system

Commercial display, audiovisual, and digital solutions, covering multiple application terminals: advertising media, stage performance, digital signage

High-end retail, LED large screen monitoring, smart office/education/medical, urban landscape, venue buildings

In addition to big-name companies, there are many other industries you don’t know about, waiting for you to discover one by one:

LED large screen display (small spacing, transparent screen, special-shaped screen, advertising screen, glass screen, traffic screen, etc.)

LED display control system solutions and related kits

LED advertising light source & lighting

Digital signage (advertising machine, touch all-in-one machine, self-service terminal equipment, holographic projection, etc.)

Stage lighting

Stage sound

Stage equipment

Audio and video system integration

The exhibition was held at the Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center. The exhibition hall is located on Fuhua 3rd Road, Futian District. It is the only exhibition hall in China located in the central area of ​​the CBD. In addition to enjoying convenient transportation, it also allows you to eat, drink and have fun, everything is satisfied!

It takes 10 minutes to walk to the "Convention and Exhibition Center" subway station, and 15 minutes to walk to Shenzhen Futian High-speed Railway Station. Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center (Futian) is waiting for you on April 14-16!

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