Stage full color LED rental display consists of what configuration?

Apr 23,2021| LED Knowledge

Today, due to the many advantages of full-color stage LED rental display, full-color stage LED rental display has been widely used in all kinds of singing and dancing activities, gala news conference, concert theater, forum anniversary gala, new product release conference, exhibition opening auditorium.

The arena and other places, followed by the application market of stage rental LED display is quickly opened, stage rental LED display has become another huge market after the LED outdoor advertising display stage full color LED rental display is mainly used in high-end entertainment disco large dance evening fashion conference. (Application of full-color LED display screen on stage)

Auditorium stage center of the main display and the main landscape screen, so if you want to be able to make full use of you need to understand the stage of the full color LED rental display consists of what configuration.

Stage full color LED rental display complete configuration system: indoor LED display, LED module, LED rental box, LED special series power supply, LED power cord, cable, various screws, LED control system, aviation plug, aviation box and other materials.

Stage full color LED rental display

Stage full color LED rental display main component configuration:

1. Indoor full-color LED display screen body: mainly including box module power connection wire, etc. (Indoor fixed screen can be adsorbed by bracket magnet without box body according to the actual situation);

2. Computer: Generally, the fixed computer is a desktop computer, a common notebook for rent and an external sending card;

3. LED controller system: generally the LED display with small area only needs 1 sending card, and the number of receiving cards is calculated according to the length and height of the screen;

4.Power distribution cabinet: it is best not to take advantage of their own hardware store to configure, it is not professional, once do not do well, the whole LED screen will be due to power distribution problems, it is suggested that customers use the original configuration of LED display manufacturers;

5. LED video processor: general fixed small screen if the information is not updated frequently, do not live broadcast can choose not to use, if it is a large screen or to do live broadcast is best to buy;

6. multi-function card: can provide temperature, humidity, brightness and other parameters acquisition, can achieve brightness automatic adjustment and other functions;

7 .power amplifier and audio: according to the installation environment to buy, indoor need waterproof, customers can buy their own, we can also provide together;

8. Main wiring: mainly the cable from power supply to power distribution cabinet, power distribution cabinet to screen body, as well as the communication line from computer to main screen;

9.Steel frame structure: the manufacturer will provide the CAD reference design drawings of the stage full-color LED rental display, which can be produced locally or contracted by our company;

10.Heat dissipation equipment: special heat dissipation equipment is generally not needed indoors in a conventional environment. It is generally recommended to install an air conditioning axial flow fan for heat dissipation indoors, so as to improve the stability and life of the full-color LED rental display screen on the stage.

Stage full color LED display screen can be either as a backdrop, leasing can also release information for an indoor ads enrich people's cultural entertainment life, already is the favorite of the audience an important medium of news media Customers in selecting the appropriate stage full-color LED display screen when the lease if understand its corresponding equipped with, can reduce unnecessary manpower and financial resources.

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