Stage rental LED display how much a square?

Apr 15,2021| LED Knowledge

Stage rental LED display is mainly used in high-grade entertainment discos Fashion show the large-scale song and dance party The stage of the auditorium in the center of the main display screen and the main landscape, etc The stage rental LED display offer many advantages in one, is widely applied to all kinds of activities of song and dance party conference concert theatre BBS Anniversary gala Product launch.

The application market of LED display screen for stage rental is quickly opened, which has become another huge market after LED outdoor advertising display screen.Rental LED display the distinctive features of the main stage at work need to be extremely high stability, to ensure that in use process is not a problem, because stage rental LED display need to often move again repeated disassembly and installation, so the requirement for the weight of the product is also high, so the product appearance design structure design has to pay attention to material selection.If you want to understand the price of the stage rental LED display, you need to understand the stage rental LED display price components, the following content is the introduction of the price of the stage rental LED display.

Stage rental LED display

Three parts of the stage rental LED display price:

1. Screen body quotation: including the total area of the screen body;

2. Supporting equipment: including control system computer, audio and power amplifier, power distribution cabinet, video processor;

3. System engineering: including steel structure electrical wiring installation, commissioning and transportation costs, etc.

Stage rental LED display features:

1. Live broadcast, large and clear live broadcast picture, breaking the seat restriction, so that the audience from a distance can also watch the high-quality performance.

2.The wonderful close-up shot replays the random changes of various stage backgrounds in slow motion, which brings the artistic conception of the performance to the extreme and highlights the dazzling stage effect.

3.The vivid picture and the shocking music perfectly combine to create a dreamlike stage background, rendering the atmosphere of the stage scene.

Stage rental LED display has the following advantages:

1. Ultra-light: the weight of a single box is about 6kg, easy to install;

2. Ultra-thin: the box is made of die-casting aluminum, which makes the stage rental LED display of high strength, strong toughness, high precision and not easy to deform;

3. High precision: the size is mechanical and electrical processing accurate to about 0.1mm;

4.Compatibility: new structure design, meet the lifting and stacking requirements, meet the indoor and outdoor requirements;

5. Fast: the upper and lower left and right connection of the box adopts fast locking structure, usually about 10 seconds to complete the installation of a box, and the installation accuracy is high;

6. Low cost: light weight of the box, low installation cost required;Low power consumption, saving operation cost and reducing labor cost.

Stage rental LED display classification:

1.The main screen:I t is the LED display in the center of the stage. The shape of the main screen is usually square or rectangular. For the stage, the display content is the most important, so the display effect is better, the requirements are high, and the price is relatively high.

2.The secondary screen, the display on both sides of the main screen is the secondary screen. The content displayed on the secondary screen is the foil to the main screen, so the display content is abstract, the display requirements are not high, and the price is relatively low.

3.Video expansion screen, mainly used in big occasions such as concerts and dancing Because the space is larger, a lot of places can't see the performances on the stage characters and effect, so will be set in the sides of the venue, one or two video expansion screen, used in the scene of the live display requirements, like the home screen, the video expansion screen price will be relatively high.

The above content is the introduction of the stage rental LED display price, I hope it can be helpful for you when renting the stage LED display.

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