How to reasonably choose the studio LED advertising screen?

Mar 22,2021| LED Knowledge

  With the technology rapid development of LED display, LED display in the studio and television and other large-scale activities more and more used in the screen, and the setting wall of it as the activity, not only provides all kinds of vivid and brilliant background images and more interactive features, making the studio background images and performances, the subject of our program will live and properly combined, so as to realize the other stage relies on the function and effect of simple art equipment is difficult to implement, which makes the studio the wider use of LED advertising screen.

  So, in the number of studios is increasing at the same time, the use of LED advertising screen is more and more frequent so the studio and other customers who need a large LED screen should be how to reasonably choose an LED advertising screen.

Studio LED advertising screen

  Please pay special attention to the following points when choosing the studio LED advertising screen:

  1. LED advertising screen point spacing: point spacing is LED advertising screen center distance between the adjacent pixels Point spacing is smaller, the more LED advertising screen pixels per unit area, the higher the resolution, the closer shot distance can, the higher the price accordingly Now domestic television studio use LED advertising screen point spacing is usually 6 to 8 mm.

  2. The filling coefficient of LED advertising screen: the filling coefficient of LED advertising screen also said bright area ratio, namely the light emitting area of each pixel and the pixel of the ratio of the physical surface area LED advertising screen is composed of discrete pixel permutation, pixels are dark black area between the filling coefficient is different, so can have different shooting distance, filling coefficient, the higher the camera as close to the distance, more clearly similarities and pixel spacing of LED advertising screen, filling coefficient of more than filling coefficient of attenuation, so need to increase the shooting distance.

  3.LED advertising screen, color temperature, color temperature refers to the transmission spectrum shape by emitter with the best fitting compared to determine the temperature of the blackbody emission spectral shape When use studio LED advertising screen as a background, the display color temperature should be consistent with the studio light color temperature, now again to make accurate color screen studio light according to the program requirements of the LED advertising screen to adjust to the corresponding color temperature, to obtain satisfactory result of shooting.

Studio LED advertising screen

  4. The shooting distance of LED advertising screen: as mentioned above, the appropriate shooting distance is different for LED advertising screen with different point spacing and different filling coefficient. The distance between the person or thing to be shot and the screen should be between 4-10m, so that the person or thing to be shot can get a clearer background picture.

  5.LED advertising screen using the environment: the LED related products in service life period only under the condition of the right job, what happened failure will be less LED advertising screen as an integration of electronic products, it is mainly composed of equipped with electronic control panel switch power light-emitting devices and other components, and the service life of these components and the stability and LED advertising screen in the use of the environment temperature has a close relationship If the LED advertising screen using the environment temperature is more than the scope of the use of the product, not only will shorten the service life of the product, the product itself can also severely damaged.

  In addition, using the environment should also be taken seriously, the dirt in the larger environment, dust PCB adsorption dust affects the cooling of electronic components and make the device temperature rise, which LED advertising screen, thermal stability decline even produce leakage, serious when even lead to burn out In addition, the dust will absorb the moisture in the environment, and corrosion of electronic circuit, some is not easy to screen out short circuit problem, so should be pay attention to maintain the cleanness of the studio.

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