The solution of LED screens for cares

Mar 02,2021| LED Knowledge

  JYLED LED video walls are mainly indoor fixed LED screens, which can be widely used in press conferences, trade shows, road shows, office gatherings, product launches, seminars or quarterly meetings.

led screens for concerts

  JYLED LED Video Wall

  JYLED LED video wall uses SMD technology to provide the clearest image with the widest viewing angle on the indoor curtain LED screen, so the audience can enjoy the clear and realistic effect without facing the LED screen. For customers with outdoor meeting needs, we can also provide ultra-thin outdoor rental LED screens that use DIP technology to provide high contrast, and can obtain clear and vivid images at the highest brightness even in direct sunlight.

led screens for concerts

  Features of jyed LED video wall

  JYLED LED video wall adopts die-cast aluminum ultra-thin cabinet design, and has the following characteristics:

  1. Whether it is a TV studio or live broadcast, its refresh frequency exceeds 4000HZ to ensure the image fidelity and flicker-free;

  2. The JYLED LED video wall integrates a quick assembly system with a quick locking mechanism, which can assemble the cabinet in a short set-up time, and the entire screen is firmly and seamlessly connected;

  3. The ultra-thin rental LED display design makes the appearance of the LED screen more beautiful. Not only provide clear and smooth images, vivid and bright colors bring amazing visual effects, the screen itself is a bright and charming scene;

  4. Lightweight LED screen design makes installation and disassembly convenient and quick, greatly saving operation and transportation costs;

  5. JYLED die-cast aluminum LED display is durable and can withstand frequent mobilization and installation.

  6. Generally, the JYLED LED video wall is equipped with 820C, LVP603s, LVP605S and other video processors to achieve a variety of signal input requirements and image effects. Equipped with professional audio and video systems, the stage LED wall can create virtual scenes and vivid color effects.

  The JYLED LED video wall represents a vivid prospect and can create unreal effects for movie studios and digital stages. With the imaginative solution of our JYLED LED video wall, no matter what the event is, it can attract customers and enhance the audience experience.

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