What are the characteristics of the truck LED display?

Jun 07,2021| LED Knowledge

As an important means of transportation in the city, buses and taxis have a large number and a wide variety of routes, which penetrate unbeatable in the bustling sections of the city. The selection of advertising tools is to value the size of the audience rate and the scope of communication.

At the same time, buses and taxis are good carriers to show the city's image.

In the bus body, front, tail, taxi roof or rear window placement of LED display, as a platform for information release, can beautify the city appearance, do a good job in the image of the city lighting project, for the city's economic take-off, to achieve the practical purpose of rapid development.

So, in our daily life, what do you know about the truck LED display?

truck LED display

Advantages of truck LED display:

1. Enterprises and businesses advertise on bus and taxi platforms, and display advertising content to passers-by, passengers and traffic participants with the mobility of bus and taxi that radio, television, newspapers and magazines cannot have;

2. The height of the truck LED display is equal to the line of sight of people, which can spread the advertising content to the public at close range, so as to achieve the largest visual opportunity and the highest arrival rate.

3. Enterprises can establish brand image through truck LED display screen, influence consumers' purchase decisions, and achieve the purpose of advertising through continuous information prompts;

4. Truck LED display has a good advertising effect, not only can let the enterprise and its products in the market to maintain a long-term brand image, enhance awareness, but also can cooperate with its strategic promotion or seasonal product promotion activities.

truck LED display

Truck LED display features:

1. As a media release tool, bus and taxi LED advertising display screen, compared with traditional advertising release media, has the characteristics of strong mobility, wide release range, high effective arrival rate of information, and is not limited by time and space;

2. Unique publicity effect and low advertising price.

Truck LED display content:

1. The information storage capacity of the screen is large, and the daily advertisements, news, policies and regulations, public information (meteorological information, calendar time), urban culture, traffic and other information can be appealed to the public through the electronic screen;

2. Truck LED display is particularly prominent in public welfare, and it is a window for the government to publicize urban civilization.

Truck LED display is classified according to the way of advertising:

1.U disk type: when the number of cars is small, or the text content is not often changed, such as bus stop display screen.

When changing the display contents on the screen, the contents to be changed should be saved in the U disk first, and then inserted into the USB interface of the screen.

2.GPRS type: when the car reached a certain number, one by one to change the word content will be very troublesome.

Or often change the word content will be very troublesome, so, direct use of GPRS wireless LED control card, computer remote control will bring more convenience to our customers, twice the result with half the effort.

3.GPS: GPS and GPRS are the same in advertising. However, other functions of GPS bring a lot of convenience to the management of taxi companies.

In addition, because GPS will take satellite time at any time, so, GPS type LED display in advertising synchronization is much better than GPRS type word screen.

Truck LED display advertising contains a huge market demand and potential, by virtue of its multiple resource advantages will provide the city's many media and businesses with one of the most valuable advertising resources, become the most effective way of product and service advertising.

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