What are the connection types of LED electronic displays?

May 12,2021| LED Knowledge

It is not easy to assemble the entire LED electronic display screen, just like configuring an assembled computer, even the LED electronic display screen is more complicated to assemble, and there are more steps to pay attention to. It is connected by many modules, and the module is assembled by many lamp beads. The steps in this are ring after ring. Be careful about the ring, otherwise the effect of the LED electronic display screen will be affected. . The important thing about the LED electronic display is the connection. Once a connection is not good, the next link will not work properly.

So today, what are the ways to connect the LED electronic display? Only by understanding these aspects, the LED electronic display screen will be safer and more effective, because this is also related to the high-brightness power of the LED electronic display screen. The cost of a single packaged high-power high-brightness LED is high. , And the power of a single high-brightness LED electronic display that is currently put into practical use is very small.

Therefore, it is necessary to arrange and combine multiple LED electronic display screens according to the requirements. On the one hand, it can meet the requirements of applications such as a larger range, higher brightness, dynamic display, and color change, and on the other hand, it can meet the requirements of the driver matched with the LED. Drive matching requirements.

connection types of LED electronic displays

The following mainly introduces four LED electronic display electronic display connection forms:

One, the overall series form

Generally, the LED1-n in the simple series connection mode are connected end to end, and the current flowing through the LED electronic display screen is equal when it is working. The other is an improved method of 1.1 for the series connection with bypass.

Two. Overall parallel connection

One is a simple parallel connection, and the other is a parallel connection with independent matching. In the simple parallel mode, LED1-n are connected in parallel end to end, and each LED electronic display screen bears the same voltage during operation. This kind of reliability is not high, but it is also striving to adopt an independent matching parallel form for this problem. It has the characteristics of good driving effect, complete protection of a single LED electronic display, and does not affect other work in the event of a failure, and can be matched with large differences. .

Three, the form of mixed connection

The advantages of parallel and series proposed by the appeal are combined. There are also 2 types. One is the series-first parallel and then the parallel, and the other is the first parallel and then the serial hybrid.

Four, cross array form

The cross-array shape is mainly proposed to improve the reliability of the LED electronic display screen and reduce the failure rate.

To sum up, it shows that there are many ways to connect LED display screens, and each step does not allow connection errors. Therefore, it is necessary for engineering and technical personnel to understand. The above four connection forms have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the specific problems are specific. After analysis, I finally found myself suitable for connecting to the LED display form. Many engineers and technicians often ignore this point, which leads to various problems with LED displays, and ultimately makes customers lose confidence in the company. It was found that a small detail often determines success or failure, so the LED display technology must be refined and detailed. I believe this is also the culture advocated by every company!

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