What are the technical advantages of LED display?

May 10,2021| LED Knowledge

Technical advantages of LED display

(1) Equipped with a full-color display, the introduction of more high-quality imported LED dies, which makes the screen image high-definition, uniform color, less power consumption, light screen body, thin screen layer, and wide-area viewing angle, so it fails The probability is small, easy to maintain and maintain.


(2) It mainly adopts the PCTV card, a multimedia display card with multiple functions, with better performance, more advanced acquisition methods, accurate video capture, and Studio editing software matching the display card.

(3) DVI interface technology is relatively advanced. Without the help of A/D and D/A conversion, the integrity of the picture image is guaranteed, the possibility of details is reduced, and the computer image is completely reproduced on the display screen. DVI can support all display modes to ensure the stability and reliability of data display while having multiple integrated functions.

(4) Utilize the indoor full-color system to alleviate the hidden dangers of system display and transmission of large amounts of complex data, and fully perform full-true color restoration. Use the chip to complete data distribution and display tasks, perform pulse output conversion on received data, convert 8-bit (8bit) display data to 12-bit PWM, upgrade to 4096 (12bit) grayscale control, and achieve non-linear 256-level vision on the screen Grayscale, fully creating a true color visual enjoyment.

(5) The drive mode adopts a constant current system. Through its high cost performance, the lack of discreteness of the pressure drop of the LED tube is improved, the mosaic problem is overcome, and the picture quality is guaranteed.

(6) Combine the mode of optical fiber transmission to reduce signal loss during transmission.

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