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What are the top 10 LED display factories in China?

China’s LED display manufacturing technology has been far ahead of the world, in the “world’s top 30 LED manufacturers”, Chinese enterprises have occupied 12, of which the top 5 LED display factories in the world has occupied 2.

LED display factories can produce different specifications of products through continuous technological improvement, China LED display factories can better meet the specific requirements of customers from the level, although most consumers will encounter LED display in their daily life. Next, we will lead you to a comprehensive understanding of top 10 LED display factories.

Outdoor LED Display In A Japanese Mall
Outdoor LED Display In A Japanese Mall

Top 10 LED display factories in China:

1.Absen :Shenzhen Absen Optoelectronic Co., Ltd., one of the top 10 brands of LED display, the council unit of LED Industry Federation, focuses on the research in the field of LED technology and the production, sales and service of LED full-color display.

2. Unilumin: Unilumin is one of the top 10 LED display brands, listed stock companies, products have a number of patents, the main LED high-definition energy-saving full-color display /LED energy-saving lighting series products.

3. ROE Visual :True to its own language and doing its best to translate customer expectations into reality, unique displays for business applications ranging from architecture and exquisite broadcast installations to top stage anywhere in the world, ROE Vision has always maintained its excellence, maximum creativity, ease of use and durability.

4. InfiLED:China’s introduction of large LED video display high-tech enterprises, committed to exploring new fields, continuous improvement, independent innovation, the company has been proud of its wide range of product applications to maintain a leading position. The LED display manufacturers produced Chinese LED display for enterprise conference brand promotion, transportation command, etc.;Our products have been certified by TUV RoHS, CCC, FCC, ETL and CE in 85 countries around the world.

5. Yaham:The company has been involved in the manufacture of LED lighting and LED traffic signs in China. With the spirit of perfectionism and craftsmanship, it ensures the efficiency of custom designed and reliable LED display systems. It is the first manufacturer to introduce custom designed display systems.

6. LedMan:The headquarters of this LED display manufacturer has been involved in the LED industry since 2004. The company works exclusively for the 8K Ultra HD industry.

7. Leyard Group:A world-renowned brand in the LED industry, it is one of the manufacturers that has been using audiovisual technology for many years. Its products are the result of technological research and development innovation and product innovation. Its business layout includes four core elements: landscape lighting virtual reality intelligent display and cultural tourism.

8. Liantronic :Another reliable LED display panel manufacturer in China, providing system solutions for middle and high-end LED display products. The LED display panel manufacturer is a national enterprise integrating research, development, production, sales and after-sales service.

9. AOTO:A diversified holding company consisting of four strategic divisions of the bank’s electronic sports operations high quality LED displays and lighting engineering, it prides itself on producing a wide range of outdoor and indoor direct view display products.

10. JYLED:The LED display manufacturer’s control system, coupled with optoelectronics and other technologies, in particular per-pixel calibration technology, allows the company to create unique layers and vivid service pictures.

Characteristics of JYLED LED display factories:

1. Master the core technology of the product Highly professional LED display factories have the core technology of the product, that is, LED display how to better present the content, including color restoration and image quality clarity only master the core technology, can complete the key part, which is LED screen factories have been pursuing and exploring.

2. With different specifications and categories in order to meet the personalized needs of different customers, and make the product adapt to a variety of installation environments, LED display factories will provide different specifications and categories for choice, including the full color of the specific size and clarity of LED display only a complete product category to obtain more trust and recognition from consumers.

3. Provide perfect after-sales service Regular LED display manufacturers will provide perfect after-sales service for consumers considering that some consumers are not familiar with the installation steps and maintenance, if the LED display in a short time of problems, you can contact the manufacturer’s professional maintenance personnel for repair by phone.

JYLED LED display factory’s high requirements and strict standards for product quality can ensure the quality, and the various models available for selection can also reflect the professional spirit and perfect after-sales service of JYLED LED display factories, responsible for the attitude of consumers.

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